Software Modify your Wii.

Older model Wii’s are best. This is just my opinion the reason I say older is better is because newer models can not play any DVD+R/-R media at all. Which means your Wii will only be able to play backups on an external HDD connected to the USB port on back of the Wii.

There’s isn’t any serials to verify or anything just assume any Wii made in 2011 or later can NOT play DVDR backups.
Software modding the Wii really opens it up you no longer have to pay to play older games like N64,Super Nintendo or NES. As a matter a fact not only can you play all N64 games and SNES, NES but once software modded you can play Sega Saturn,Playstation one, Neo-Geo CD,Nintendo DS and many others. Can also run Linux on it if you are into that.
Where do you find the version # on your Wii?

From the Wii menu, go to Wii options (down left corner), then go to Wii settings (the left option).

Now, on the upper right corner, you will see a number, this is the version of your Wii.
the two shown numbers are the firmware installed on your Wii (ex. 3.2, 3.4, 4.0) and then a letter.
“U” means that your Wii has the USA firmware installed on it, “J” is for Japan and “E” for Europe.

What is modding?

There are two different ways of running unsigned code on a game console. One is through soft modding (modifying software, normally using a softmod) to allow the user to change data contained on its hard drive in the case of the Xbox. Another type of modding, known as hard modding, exploits the BIOS of the console to run unsigned code, or games. This form of ‘modding’ (more correctly termed as hacking) is very popular as it is able to ‘run’ many different types of software. But soft modding is even more popular because of its ease of installation and its relatively low price (it can even be done for free with the right tools).

Another type of console modding is about appearances, much like computer case modification. Which includes, adding lights (most likely LEDS, cathodes or other electro-luminescent lighting). Cutting the game system case, to fit hardware and/or expose the internal systems. Cooling is a large part of console hard ‘modding’, including: heat sink upgrades, more powerful or quieter fans, some even go so far as to abandon common heat exchange to air all together by liquid cooling a console (most notably in the Xbox 360, which initially had some heat problems).

Start here if you want to soft-mod your Wii.
Just be sure to read over the process at least 2-3x before the attempt. When ever you hack something there’s a chance it can get bricked.
I’m only adding links to solid places that are confirmed legitimate/reliable sites.

I did not create any of these procedures located on the links I posted. . Our Wii has been soft-modded since the day it was purchased for my children in 2008.I followed the guides from the site listed. (Learn about the Wii and modification) (Read through here completely. Be sure to follow guide as listed and read more than 1x!) Sign up for an account in case you have questions also may need to register to download needed files.


Nintendo Wii HDD game screen


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