Play Wii on your PC

I’ve always liked Nintendo’s Mario games. But as a PC gamer we don’t get these games from Nintendo they release for their own hardware.
PC’s are made to multi-task and emulate consoles quite well. Well not all of them but the Wii & Gamecube are pretty much emulated perfectly. And since your using a PC we can crank up the resolution to 1080p and beyond something the Wii or Gamecube couldn’t do. And in some cases can also download texture packs to improve really improve a console game.

Dolphin is the emulator that plays commercial Wii & Gamecube games. Dolphins web page is:
Operating system requirements are:
Dolphin will run on Windows (>= XP), Linux and OS X (>= Lion, Snow Leopard is not supported anymore after Dolphin 3.5). Windows will run better than other OS’s and 64bit hardware and Windows is even better.
Hardware requirements: The AMD Phenom II x4 or better Intel i5 or better is best from what I have read. I use an AMD 8 core clocked at 4.0ghz and have no problems.
Intel Integrated Graphics Chips don’t bother even trying this! An Nvidia 8800GT or better. Of course an ATI/AMD GPU of equal power will do as well.
No less than 2gb of system memory but seriously if your on 32bit OS 4gb is seriously needed on x64 hardware 8gb or better.
The hardware I listed is what I think will run games at good speed if you don’t meet these requirements I’d still give it a whirl.
I play New Super Mario Bros.Wii on my HTPC with a Dual core AMD Sempron 145 Sargas 2.8GHz-Unlocked to Dual Core Athlon,4gb of memory and a AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6570. And I play it @ 1080p internal resolution and it runs smooth as butter. Same with Gamecube’s Luigi’s Mansion.

You can use a real Wiimote on your PC. As long as you have Bluetooth & a Wii sensor. (New Super Mario Bros. does not require the sensor) For Gamecube you can map any controller you have to play the games with.
There are no drivers needed to download just need to pair the wiimote to your PC there is no pass code for the pair.
If you don’t have Bluetooth on your PC it’s easily available to purchase and for cheap.

Wireless USB Bluetooth 4.0 V4.0 Bluetooth4.0 EDR Adapter Dongle Stick – OEM $8.99 @
Also can purchase a wireless sensor that will work on both PC & your Wii: Used-$9.99
Wii wireless sensor new:$19.99
If you really want to go on the cheap light 2 candles and place them about 12″ away from each other and your Wiimote will respond. I tried this it works got to dim the room and be careful not to burn the house down. Seriously just spend the $10 it’s worth it.
Can also use the Wiimote to control your mouse pointer and other stuff like that if your into that kind of stuff.

Good luck & have a good time playing Mario on your Personal Computer!
Here’s the latest versions of Wii/Gamecube emulator called Dolphin. ” These files are clean I use them myself but still scan them before install.

Dolphin x64:
Dolphin x86:

Click on this link: This is a document that has Emulation information and website links to help you choose what emulator or emulators are for you. Also can learn about emulation.

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