Still playing with HTPC & XBMC

Last post was in June and was regarding the build and install of HTPC. For those in the not know HTPC= Home Theater Personal Computer:-)

It’s been 3 months and all I can say is the HTPC is by far my favorite PC in the house. I love the PC I’m on it’s 10x faster can play games insanely fast. But it just doesn’t stand close to the HTPC I built. I’ve gotten all the rooms to access the HTPC & HDHomerun for live TV access also access to all TV & movies that are shared through the Network/HTPC. Started implementing games into XBMC. Not so much PC games just console games HTPC can now launch and play Nintendo Wii, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 & Gamecube. Last but not least 3DO is finally up and running on HTPC through XBMC.
I’m using Windows 7 32bit as base OS with XBMC as the GUI for media/Entertainment. If anyone out there is reading this blog and has same setup as I do Win 7 32bit & XBMC 12.2 and is having issues with 3DO getting error: script failed! when launching a 3DO game through Advanced Launcher. The issue is UAC it must be turned down for the 4DO emulator to launch through Advanced Launcher.
Only way 4DO will launch is with Run as Administrator check marked in properties/Compatibility tab. But unfortunately if it’s check marked 4DO will not launch in Advanced Launcher. This is why UAC must be turned off.

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