Gaming so far 2013 ” The Last Of Us ” Pay what you want for PC games & 70% off kick ass titles!

The new year has brought some new games. Some awesome others CRAP.

My daughters asked me what I wanted for dads day I answered back “The Last Of Us!”. I’m a good way into the game and am enjoying it quite a bit. I don’t start games and just play straight through. Well I can’t really I have a family and playing a video game all day & night isn’t a good thing to do.

The Last Of Us is a Playstation exclusive developed by Naughty Dog. They are the creators of a few great games well known Crash Bandicoot now owned by Activison, Jak & Daxter, & The Uncharted series.
Personally I like games with a solid storline and The Last Of Us has a pretty good one. You start to feel like you know these characters and feel for them. Mostly hope that by stories end they emerge unscathed and completed what had to be done and maybe even save the world. What’s left of it anyhow.
Graphics are fantastic for an aged system the PS3 does awesome. While the game isn’t open world it does give you the feeling that it is huge but the real fun is when you enter a dark building or a home ravaged from bandits and the infected.




Controls are responsive and work just fine for this game. The hand to hand combat is almost identical to Uncharted. Changing weapons Guns for example are a bit of a chore it requires you to push D-Pad left click x then move d-pad to select the gun you want. Guess they are going for true survival base game. Can only carry one gun the others are in your bag and need to be taken out and exchanged for what you want. Same for homemade grenades or molotov cocktails. You carry 1 gun but can obtain pipes,wood sticks, Baseball bats which can be used on the fly. They can also be modded with nails and stuff for more damage. When you have a Baseball bat or pipe you use them instead of fists.

Sound is good it works for what the game is. I have it setup for 7.1 Surround and can hear things behind me or on the side of me.
All things considered I really like this game it is a story driven adventure, Survival game with some very scary moments. The graphics provide great environments and characters that look life like.
This is the first console game I have picked up and played since Uncharted 3 was released on November 1, 2011. Playstation 3 has been used as a Blueray player for 2 years finally putting some game time on it.

So far in 2013 there isn’t much of a list I would suggest but here it goes. The list of games I personally like myself and do suggest you play. Some may not like my taste in games.

Playstation 3- The Last Of Us

PC- Tomb Raider, Crysis-3, Farcry-3, Metro Last Light.

Xbox 360-0


Games listed under PC that can be played on PS3 or 360. Tomb Raider,Crysis 3, Farcry 3. Metro Last Light has been announced for Playstation 4.
Although 3 titles listed can be played on current generation consoles. I don’t recommend Farcry3 or Crysis 3 to be played on them If you want the true experience get a gaming PC. Crysis 3 is the most amazing game I’ve ever seen rendered and happens to also be a great game to play. Tomb Raider on consoles is fine only missing TressFX which gives Laura natural flowing hair that bounces and sways with the wind. As of now TressFX only works with PC hardware. I’m guessing Xbox One and PS4 will be able to implement TressFX.

I also grabbed Call Of Juarez Gunslinger from Steam. I’ve played a little bit of it just not quite sure how I feel about it yet.
Download Origin for your PC today! EA Games is having a 70% off sale on select games and they are good games at that.
DD= Digital Download HC= Hard Copy
Battlefield 3 – Digital Download $5, Hardcopy-$14.99
The SIMS 3-DD $9.99, HC $14.99
Mass Effect 3-DD $9.99
Crysis 3-DD PC $19.99, 360 $27.99, PS3 $27.99, PC-HC $27.99
Need For Speed Most Wanted-PC DD $14.99
Dead Space 3-DD $19.99
The SIMS 3 University Life DD/HC $19.99
The SIMS 3 Supernatural DD/HC $14.99
FIFA Soccer 13 DD-$13.99
Hitman Absolution-DD $19.99
Tomb Raider-DD $24.99
Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection-DD $9.99

Also keep a look out daily @

Here you pay what you want for the game of the week I’ve gotten all the Serious Sams and Alan Wake for my Son only paid $5 for all of them together.
What is the Humble Weekly sale you ask?? Well it’s Pay what you want for awesome games. Support charity. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android!
A new sale every week.

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