Biohazards Urban Discipline come November 10th breaks 20 years. Officially a Classic

Biohazard Urban Discipline: Biohazard was doing the rap/metal deal long before the sell outs in the late 90’s only difference was Biohazard did it hardcore. Every song on this album kicked ass.

1-Chamberspins Three:


3-Shades Of Grey:


5-Black & White & Red All Over:

6-Man With A Promise:


8-Urban Discipline:


10-Wrong Side Of The Tracks:

11-Mistaken Identity:

12-“We’re Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)”:’re%20Only%20Gonna%20Die%20(From%20Our%20Own%20Arrogance).mp3

13-Tears Of Blood:

14-Hold My Own:

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