Crysis 3 Released on Origin at Midnight the 19th

Crysis  and Crysis Warhead were amazing in their time it took monster PC’s to play them at full detail and had great gameplay to boot. As far as multiplayer goes I only played both Crysis 2 & 3 when they were in beta testing. I’m not much into the online multiplayer matches. Back 12 or so years I did play the hell out of Medal Of Honor Allied Assault online but since then I’ve lost interest in it.

Well I pre-Purchased Crysis 3 a few weeks prior to launch and got the original Crysis for doing so. Origin doesn’t offer any type of gifting for extra copies. Got stuck with a 2nd copy of original Crysis it didn’t go to waste asked my son if he wanted it that was a negative so gave the serial to a friend.

Most game reviewers are giving Crysis 3 an 8.0-9.0 ratings which is good most feel that Crysis 3 is more like Crysis 2.5 than 3. Claiming it’s just an extension of part 2 not a full on sequel. Since every game that is a sequel is pretty much more of the prior one it only makes sense this is so. As far as i’m concerned so far Crysis 3 is quite fun to play.

Graphics wise WOW! I was really surprised how awesome this game looks At full 1920×1080 4xAA & 16xAF it is a sight for all gamers to see it’s truly a huge step forward and should have a lot of developers wanting that same quality of detail. The opening of the game is Psycho running on a ship with a few other guys in the pouring rain to get Prophet. The way the rain falls and the way light refracts  is just amazing and When it zooms in on Psycho his expressions are so detailed you can see every pour in his face even his teeth looked ragged a bit from the hard living under Cells thumb.  I’ve played it on 360 just to see if there was a difference there IS! The console versions do not do Crysis 3 right.

Controls are pretty much the same from Crysis 2 only additions that I have noticed is now Suit upgrades are found not from alien DNA like Part 2. You can also Use your Binoculars to hack cameras and Turrets very handy when in stealth turning the turrets against the enemy is very useful. That was more gamplay add-ons than actual controls pretty much as I said controls aren’t any different from part 2.

The Bow is a welcome addition as well it makes stealth a lot more stealthy for one when you shoot it your nano suit doesn’t drop energy and make you visible like when you shoot a gun. I love that I can sneak and take out guards silently then until only a few are left which makes it manageable to be Rambo at that point.

If you haven’t played Crysis, Crysis Warhead or Crysis 2 play those first it’s worth it the first 2 games are amazing. Play these on a PC if you can the console versions DO Crysis no justice. You can check your hardware specs to any game available at


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