It’s October Pitbull awareness month!

October is Pitbull awareness month and the 27th was Awareness day. I’ve always had American Staffordshire Terriers since I was a young lad. After having to give up my pup Killian in the mid-late 90’s I never wanted another dog again That was until my daughter found Sammy walking the streets. He had bite marks all over his face and was very thin and missing alot of hair on his back end and parts of his back. As it turned out a friend of ours had found him on the streets and took him in to help him but he ended up leaving there. And that’s when my daughter found him. It really is a small world.

The Pit breed of dogs are the most abused & mistreated of all dogs and the news loves a good story so we all hear how a pitbull has mauled a baby or killed someone. It leaves alot of people not liking them not because they have had one as a companion at one time but because the media will spin the pitbull attacks every chance they get. Even if the dog that attacked wasn’t a pitbull or Staffy just happened to look like one. Back in WWI the Staffordshire terrier was the poster dog of the day an all american hero that saved soldiers lives in combat.

From my own personal experience they are loving,playful and energetic as hell. The breed does require a certain type person to  have a well behaved Staffy. I’ve only had 1 staff that wasn’t fond of children and that was because she was raised as a show dog and mostly spent time in the kennel or with the trainer. She never bit a child but because of that persoanlity defect we decided she had to go back with the breeder that showed her in AKC competitions. Otherwise all of my buddys were awesome with my children and are the most loving dog i’ve ever owned. Everything they do is full throttle 100% play & love.

He’s beautiful




Sammy OldE Writing

3 thoughts on “It’s October Pitbull awareness month!

  1. Have you read about Sergeant Stubby?
    We saw a show about him a while back. He was SO brave and fabulous AND a Pit Bull!

    After surviving exposure to gas, Stubby became invaluable as he had learned to recognize the scent and alert the human soldiers to its presence. He also could recognize English and was able to locate wounded soldiers and alert paramedics. He also was credited with capturing a German spy, who he tripped and attacked until American soldiers took him prisoner.


  2. Yes:-) Stubby is cool! I remember hearing the story of Stubby back when Jenn and I bought Kiss-Kiss from a breeder probably late 1992 early 1993 and she had all kinds of Stubby info and stuff. I know they get treated badly i’ve had people threaten to shoot my dog (Killian) if it ever got loose or watch people pull thier kids away from them like they are the plague. (Buddy,Killian & Sammy). There’s even ignorant websites that promote people to kill them on site with any object they have handy.

    Animal shelters like SPCA or Animal control will either put them down right away without any other reason than being a Pitbull breed type dog or completely refuse to shelter them. Only places that will take them is a Pitbull shelter but if animal control finds them first they get put to sleep or worse bad people find them and have them do bad things like fight other dogs or just plain get abused.


    1. You make a really good point, Sal. People are biased because of rumors and bad press. It’s so sad how they are treated just because of a damn label. Any particular dog can be mean, short-tempered, or poorly trained. Just as any can be sweet, lovable, and playful. I’ve met some really nasty Yorkies and poodles and I was even attacked by a dachshund once!
      I blame people for being human and treating their dogs terribly or not providing the training or care that their dogs need. People that train their dogs to fight or to be overly aggressive should be the ones punished not the dogs.


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