Taking pictures of the full moon on 10/29

3 months back we purchased a Olympus SP-815UZ, 14MP SLR style camera so we could take decent pictures. We were tired of the cheaper cameras that lacked any real detail. We didn’t want a professional level camera or anything just a decent one that took pictures with detail intact.

Which brings me to taking pictures of the moon. Back on Sept 30th I attempted for the 1st time to get pictures of the full moon. What a mess I always thought taking pictures required pointing the camera at an object clicking the button and that’s it. Lol I knew nothing still don’t really. The pictures I took looked like a white ball of light with lens flares and a black background. Did I blame the camera of course I did it had to be the camera it wasn’t me!

Last night October 28th I waited for this date since my last failure. I use a program called Moon Phase Pro on my Android tablet to see what dates new moons and full moons arrive. The application can be found in Google play store it costs either $4.99 or $5.99 and will work on OS Froyo and up. Worked fine on Froyo,Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean those are the one’s i’ve used on my tablet so Moon Phase Pro has been tested by me on all 3 .There is also a free version Moon Phase it just lack some extra features that Pro version has. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3116735/Moon-Phase-Pro-v4.0-apkhit.com_.apk

Here are the pictures I took last night. They aren’t centered and I wanted to get a closer image but zooming in wasn’t cutting it even on the tripod the wind was bad last night and was slightly moving it which was causing focus issues. But the detail is solid enough that using any image program on your PC will allow you to zoom in and keep details intact.

Took new pictures tonight 10/30 moon is 99% full. Got some crater detail in these.

None of the pictures have been altered in any way. They are directly off my camera to PC.

I cleaned up the picture a bit here still working on it.

The moon really is an awesome sight.  Wish we were closer to other planets I would always be outside.  I know the moon isn’t a planet;-)

3 thoughts on “Taking pictures of the full moon on 10/29

  1. You really can tell a big difference between the two Sal! the cleaned up one looks great. It has some really good detail.
    I noticed tonight that the wind was making me have a lot of blur, too. It even blew over the telescope once!
    There are a lot of technical aspects that make up a good moon photo. It can be so frustrating to come back inside after an hour and not have a single good photo. Keeping notes on what you did last time can help. You can go back out and know what worked and what didn’t next time.

    Some things that I’ve learned:
    Keeping the camera in the dark. Light hits the lens and causes flare and glare.
    Using the self timer. Not pressing the button manually can eliminate camera shake.
    Using a low ISO and a faster shutter speed gives you more detail and less brightness.
    Don’t give up or get frustrated. Learning can take some time and patience. 🙂


  2. I know i’m getting a little better. I get ideas of what I want to take pictures of then I will mess with it. Seems to be the trend I follow. Have to want a picture of something and then I will have my mind set to it. I was really suprised how well the Moon pictures came out tonight. It was frustrating the wind really messes with the angles and focus.


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