The Walking Dead game Part2 releases for PC today:-) 06/29/2012

Finally after almost 2 months the release day has arrived. Actually probably a few days longer than 2 months.  Xbox Live got it yesterday so those who purchased the monthly episodes can get it or if you already have it probably have beaten it.

It’s a 5 episode game so what i’m thinking is they waited the extra month to release episode 2 so the last episode releases on month that the 3rd season begins on AMC. “Speculation on my part not factual in any way”. I really enjoyed episode 1 and am very happy I made the whopping $24.99 payment to Steam for all 5 episodes. Episode 2 should become available after 1PM eastern time. Telltale games have not stated a specific time but have heard will release on PC when they get into work which is pacific time. I do not know thier buisness hours but know they are pacific time.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier released on Steam the 27th of this month. I have it on PC & 360 if your PC has a Geforce 560 or better with a quad core CPU and 8 gigs of memory I highly suggest the PC version over the 360 version. It looks pertty awesome in DX11 and 1080 resolution. And the frame rate is much better as well very smooth . The day after GR: Future Soldier released a game from 2K games released named Spec Ops: The Line it’s another soldier game like GR. I tried it for the 1st 5 minutes it seemed pretty good will be getting into that after beating Future Soldier.


13:40 Update: Walking Dead Episode 2 released on Steam at 1 PM eastern time.

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