Mr.Samson aka:Sammy is getting alot healthier.

Even after a few months he’s getting more and more healthy. His Muscle mass is building and he is much happier.

He’s adapted great although the kitty has pushed him a bit too much he growled at her last night. Hope she stops being mean to him because he is gentle but noone can be picked on for to long before lashing out. Staffs are great family dogs regardless of the negative press the breed gets. He is loving,playful and absolutely adores our children. I’ve grown attached to him in a short period I love him very much.

Today we played frisbee which we stopped playing for awhile because his dew claw was swollen and hanging out. We need to get his dew claws removed as soon as possible. Our grass is thick so when he was running and jumping for the frisbee the grass would catch it and it would bleed after playing.

Pictures of my bud getting healthier everyday:-)



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