Great places to shop.

If you enjoy working on electronics and stuff like that. Always visit Thrift Stores Goodwill,Salvation Army,Vietnam Vets, Hospice and i’m sure there are plenty more.

I collect Laserdiscs yes those old over sized CD like looking discs that play on both sides. Even have a VCR with a few select tapes. You can find items of all sorts that may be worth alot more than you think or the Thrift shopes know. Also can get TV’s or PC’s and other electronics that are not in workking order for free or the cost of a few dollars that require some TLC ..well mostly some slight repairs. Yesterday on our grocery day shopping I noticed a Hospice Thrift Shop instantly the Wife and I went in.

Found a mid end VCR fully functioning for only $8 only missing the remote nothing a universal can not remedy;-) Yep, I still like VCRs.  Yes, I own a Bluray player but I love the old hardware some of it is amazing. I work from home and we only have 1 phone line which is always taken up by my work. We all have cell phones but it’s good to have a landline functioning. Always wanted a MagicJack low and behold there was one in the package un touched for a whole $5 now I have 2 lines in the house very handy.

As we were leaving my wife found a 7″ LCD picture frame new w/remote for $10 the frame retail starts at $50 and up to $109.99.

My total savings was=

Magic Jack: Cost -$5  Retail- $25

Pandigital 7″  LCD Photo Frame: Cost-$10 Retail-$50  Using the lowest cost I could find online.

Panasonic VCR PV-V4021 Cost-$8  Retail-$65 again cheapest pricing found online

For a total savings of!!! =$132  If I wanted to sell all 3 items I could make a very good profit.

So shopping at thrift stores is great if you run an Ebay page or like to repair electronics either way you can’t go wrong. These stores are great for old antiques and collectibles not just electronics.

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