Feedback is always welcome :-)

I try and post things that help others. Whether it’s a TV repair or Tablet fixes..etc..etc I do this so people that may not have alot of $$ can fix thier things for free or very low cost. Plus it’s always good to learn something new.

What i’m getting at is if there’s anything you wanna add to my posting please leave a reply let me know. I will use these suggestions to add more helpful things and spread the word so new people in need of a quick or cheap fix can get it all on this blog. Better to have 1 blog/site with multiple fixes for all types of items than having to search google and visit 10-15 different sites and 100 pages.

If anyone has something they have fixed or hacked please add reply I will post the details of the hack or fix once I can verify the hack/fix is legit. And I will ofcourse give you credit for the fix/hack or procedure.

Thanks to those who keep up on my blog and reply to post! Great to hear how it worked out for you even if you ran into issues all replys are approved. Unless they reply is vulgar.

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