Max Payne 3 PC version & Max Payne 1 for Cell phones!?

Every once in awhile I like to drop my opinion on video games. While I do have all the consoles I prefer PC gaming over them any day. Sure the Gimmicky Kinect and Wii can be fun and I do enjoy some games on them like Tiger Woods. Not only is PC’s a few generations ahead of consoles graphically but love the personal feeling you get from gaming on a PC.  Wife hates my bins full of old consoles I just can’t get rid of them;-) Plus no one would pay for the Super Nintendo what I paid over 20 years ago.

My friend calls me a Graphics  It’s hard not to love the fact that you can customize almost everything on your PC. Consoles lack that and are just a standard piece of equipment after the newness wears off every game looks the same. Consoles just can’t be adjusted as far as grapics go it’s fixed hardware.

Back to Max Payne Rockstars 1st Max outting. Original Max Payne was a Remedy game & DirectX 8’s outting that showed off the PC’s muscle in early 2001.” Later released on original Xbox” DirectX 8 was a huge leap forward in graphics. We’ve come far only 11 years later and the Original Max Payne is released for Ipad & Iphones. Android version is on it’s way was delayed but it will support Tegra 2 & 3 devices.  Playing Max Payne 1 in full glory on a cell phone never imagined it.” But I will be playing it.”

I don’t do in detail reviews i’m not a reviewer just state how I like it and what bothers me.

Having own & played both versions of Max 3 on 360 and PC I may compare between them here and there.  To start with if you want to see Max Payne 3 in full detail you will need a quad core cpu or better with a minimum of 8gbs of system memory with a Geforce 560 or ATI equal or better to run at full detail 1920×1080. The 560 doesn’t have enough memory to enable MXAA but you can enable FXAA which can be set at low,med,high or extra high the 560ti EVGA OC version can crank the FXAA to very high.

What is FXAA :

FXAA is effectively the console alternative of MSAA (the x2, x4, x8 options) It uses less resources, but can have the effect of more blurring of the image. MSAA and FXAA both work in different ways, so both can be used together, but it is not really necessary as the average user will not notice the difference. If you are limited on resources, turn off MSAA totally and only use FXAA.

Be prepared Max Payne is story driven and it has a whole lot of cut scenes that can not be skipped. It’s great to make people watch the cutscenes to keep up on the story. But if you die in  an area that just left a cut scene you have to watch it all over again. Hopefully a patch will fix this.

Graphically Max Payne 3 looks amazing maxed out using DirectX 11 w/Tesselation. Good news is Max Paynes options are awesome the game alows you to use DX9, 10, 10.1 or 11. There’s PC only games that don’t offer such a great amount of changes. I’ve seen people say this is a console port. IT IS NOT A PORT by any means Max3 takes full advantage of your video cards hardware weather you have a DX9 or 10 card you will push it using the technology your Vcard supports.

Action wise when a cutscene isn’t going and your playing it is fun as all hell. Bullet Time still isn’t boring and they added some extras in there as well like your dying breath kill shot. If your going down and you can take the opponent out as your dropping it will heal you up so you can get into your Bullet Ballet against your opponents. There’s times when it’s slows down and can see bullets breaking wind “Matrix Style” and holes going through baddies heads or faces great stuff.

There are times you will die often in the same place it can get frustrating but it’s so much fun to play you really forget about that area you had to do over and over again before getting it right. It teaches you how to dance and do the Bullet Ballet:_) I saw someone call it that and it stuck with me.   Sometimes Max over explaining things out loud can be annoying but it really fits the Noire type story line that originally made the 1st Max so amazing.

Using the mouse to aim is always a treat I prefer it over a controller any day. With that said the control seems sluggish at default settings I set mouse speed up to 7.

All in all I really have enjoyed playing Max Payne 3

Graphics= Amazing great design and art top notch. I want to say best Looking game of 2012 so far but with Battlefield 3 in the mix it’s hard to say for sure.

Gameplay= Can get annoying in some ares having to repeat cutscenes over and over again after dying. But Easily ignored from the great gameplay mechanics.

Sound= I have my PC connected to a Yamaha RX-V371-5.1 Surround Reciever it sounds amazing. I can’t give an honest opinion on sound for regular PC speakers but have heard sound is stellar regardless.

Multiplayer=Can’t say I probably will never kick on the Multiplayer portion. Max Payne is story driven I question why they added muli.

The story is solid I have not beaten it yet but am close. The story has kept me sucked in. Voice acting is solid as well. That’s one nice thing about not exiting cutscenes is people will have to watch and listen this can be a good thing that way. But once youve seen it they should allow esc to escape watching a cutscene you may have already watched 6x.

Price point for PC is $59.99 on Steam same as console version I still feel PC Digital versions should be $20 less.  To bad most developers and publishers don’t see it like I do.

Not going to add photos there are plenty circling the nets.

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