oby Kyros MID8024 New Rom update Gingerbread w/ HoneyComb Interface

Haven’t updated any of our tablets so started a few days ago.

Was using  CFW – Nefarious-Bread – MID8024 for quite some time. But decided it was time to Try some new options. Ultimately I am staying with CFW for MID7024 based on Alldro2 Gingerbread. The rom works 100% with the MID8024.

I tried using Volcano – Honeycomb 3.0 for Coby Kyros x024.  I removed quickly to many issues right now. It’s still an early beta. If you want to go ahead and try it here’s the latest beta version Volcano B1.3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3116735/VolcanoB13.zip

Flashing the Kyros is a very simple procedure the most important thing is to always make sure you are using a compatible rom. The ROMS I have links to here “for this post” are 100% working with the MID8024 I have personally used them on mine. When I say 100% working this means they are for the 8024 and should not brick your tablet. It doesn’t mean the ROM it self is perfect it may have some issues. Always flash at your own risk. My files are 100% scanned and clean. Regardless always scan what you download.  If you brick it don’t blame me because I had no issues flashing these exact ROMS to my Kyros.

Always backup your data if possible.

1-Format MicroSD card fat23.  “I suggest 4gb cards.”

2-Download the Custom ROM you want to use. Verify it will work on the Coby Kyros MID8024.

3-Unzip the Rom contents to it’s own folder copy all contents inside the folder to your freshly formatted FAT32 Micro SDCard.

4-Unmount the SDCard from your pc and insert the card into your Kyros MID8024. “Tablet should be fully charged and turned off when inserting the SDcard that has the new ROM your going to flash to it.”

5- Hold down the Power Button and the Home button at the same time until the Flashing software is seen it will be a few … with some writing about starting custom flash let go of the buttons once you see writing and… come up. It will automatically flash your ROM to the tablet do not push any buttons or turn it off in the process just wait for it to complete the process on it’s own. It will shut it self down once it completes once you make sure its completely shutdown then you can boot your Tablet up with the new custom ROM you want:-)

The ROM I am using and like so far is CFW for MID7024 based on Alldro2 Gingerbread. Here’s the Rom .zip. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3116735/Alldro2-1.3_7024.zip

Here’s what’s been added to the latest version of Alldro2:  ChangeLog 1.3 -Added Xbox gamepad driver (needs testers) -More accurate SD partitioning code (before partitions were created about 1 MiB larger than they’re supposed to be) -Added USE_EXTSD option in ROM.inf -Compiled latest stable busybox (1.19.3)

It’s Gingerbread but has Honeycomb interface it’s smooth and haven’t had any app issues yet. I also have not installed all the apps I use yet so some may not be working. Let me know what doesn’t work for you.

Good Luck and enjoy!

The 2 ROMS listed were not made by me. The link to thank the people who do these ROMS can be found here.. http://www.androidtablets.net/forum/coby-generation-2-development/24713-cfw-mid7024-based-alldro2-gingerbread.html  and here for Volcano http://www.androidtablets.net/forum/coby-generation-2-development/29218-wip-volcano-honeycomb-3-0-coby-kyros-x024.html  The links aren’t direct to the people who made these ROMS but at these links you should be able to get the info on those who made these great ROMS possible for our aging Tablets.

Here is what the Rom files from the Aldro Rom should look like on the formatted SDCard:

Click on Picture for better clarity.

28 thoughts on “oby Kyros MID8024 New Rom update Gingerbread w/ HoneyComb Interface

  1. Hi there.

    I am starting from scratch having broken my MID8024 whilst trying to get Android market on it!!

    Have installed firmwear from Coby site but I am finding the tablet a lot more unstable.

    Would any of the updates in the post above help me out?

    And if so could you list what I need to do ?

    Sorry for asking lots of questions and being a complete novice !


  2. I have had a very solid experience using the CFW for MID7024 based on Alldro2 Gingerbread for the MID8024. Stay away from the Honeycomb Rom this won’t stabilize anything. HC Rom is a early beta rom. If your having that much issue defienitly try the Gingerbread rom I linked here.


  3. Cool, sorry to be stupid but do I need to download all those zips and put on a sd before going through the system restore process?


  4. Just download the Rom you want to use and extract the contents onto a clean fat32 formatted Micro SDCard. All the contents should be put directly onto the SDcard not on the SDcard in a folder. Make sure to read the prcedure a few times if you aren’t sure of what you are doing.


    1. Try resetting. 1st take out SDcard. Then
      2.Hold the menu button while pressing the power button.
      3.3.When the tablet ask if you want to restore it, press the volume + button and wait for the restoration


  5. the sdcard of the coby is the internal 4gb when i insert the sdcard and have the files on it. after pressing the buttons it cannot detect the files of sdcard. when i paste the files on internal memory and i press the buttons now it installs. then after the installation it formats the sdcard and internal.and it cannot boot stack on logo. why the name of the internal memory is sdcard and name of sdcard is new volume. how can i make to detect the sdcard i inserted with the rom files? to install after i press the keys because the files cant be seen on sdcard i inserted sdcard is not defective


    1. I attached a picture of how the files should look on your SDCard. Make sure to Format the card prior to adding the Rom files to it. You have to power down the Tablet then insert the SDCard with the rom files on it. Then Hold Menu round button and power button at the same time.


    2. Misunderstood your post i’m charging up the Coby Kyros now to look if I have same drive labels as you. I know that internal is labeled SDCard and from what I remember the external SDCard is extSD.

      Download the Kyros stock Rom install it and then install the Aldro Rom I posted for download. Make sure when you are following my procedure exact.


  6. yea thats the files i pasted on external card.but after i press the buttons cant detect the files.it can only detect the files on internal. so i installed it using the internal sdcard.can u post the link for stock rom? and is it the same way to install? tnx for ur help.


  7. I got a MID8024 for Fathers Day 2011. I did a non-root hack to get google store onto the stock firmware and that, along with Amazon Store, made me happy as a clam.

    However, just loaded Volcano 1.3 per the instructions above and cannot believe what an awesome difference this made. The UI is beautiful and updated, and the speed difference (boot up and operational) is amazing. Easy install and great instructions. I have native access to my google contacts and can now install some software that was not available for install before.

    The list goes on and on. Thanks so much for posting this information.


  8. Another nice feature I just discovered in Volcano 1.3 is that if you plug a USB keyboard and piggybacked mouse using the supplied USB keyboard adapter, you get a usable desktop mode android tablet. Runs RDP at a reasonable resolution. Some keys or key combinations don’t work exactly as expected, but very usable.

    Not sure how this works with stock or the other images mentioned in the article.


  9. i installed on my coby mid 8024 the nefarious bread but its stuck up and crash the application when i reset it the coby logo is stuck up


  10. Hey everybody i find difficult downloading applications on my coby DIM8024 besides, the ICON wont display on the desktop please anybody could help me this matter…. thanks a lot happy new year to all!


    1. Are you on a custom Rom or are you stock? If you are on Stock do a reset. If you are using a Custom Rom then you should try reinstalling the Rom of your choice. That should fix your issue I know it’s not the easiest and will cause you to reinstall your apps it usually fixes the issue. What you can do is backup your Apps & data before resetting or Installing Custom Rom again. If your on Custom Rom use Titanium if your stock you will have to do a little research to back up I just don’t remember if it has the option for backup on Original Stock. I haven’t had my Coby for quite some time now.


  11. I have one of the first released coby mid8024 I’ve tried everything to update the rom and nothing seems to work. It is not a model that has the phone built in and it is running the market rom from coby. Is this thing capable of running your modified rom? Or should I just put it back on the shelf until coby or someone releases a new rom that can take advantage of its existing proc. Please help if you are able.


  12. Smiseks: Any advice on my 17 March request regarding the coby mid8024? Is it a piece of junk or can I upgrade the ROM? Thanks, Gary


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