Gtablet w/ Ice Cream Sandwich Instructions posted w/rom & needed tools.

If you plan on doing the ICS flash read this whole page a few times to get an understanding of the process.

About a week back I went ahead and did the ICS flash.  It’s quite stable using 1.2Beta fixed. It’s much smoother  & responsive than the new stock setup I used prior. I did lose a few apps like HBOGo,MAXGo,HuluPlus and a few others. But all else seems solid HD Video, Games and other things are in working order. Only game that gave me an issue is ShadowGun it renders fine but touch controls still not working requires a PS3 Controller connected to it.

ICS Rom:

What Works:

  • WIFI
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Sleep!
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Sensors
  • Sound
  • USB/MTP (If you plug in USB while your tablet is asleep you will have a SOD)
  • Capacitive Buttons
  • Hardware Buttons
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Proper SD Card Mounts
  • HD Videos

What’s NOT Working:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Possible ROM Slowdowns
  • HDMI Video

The what’s not working isn’t all that much of a loss for me I never used my camera & never use HDMI. Mic is no issue for me as well. Personally I have not experienced any ROM slowdowns.

To do this succesfully you must and I say must do it exactly as I have or you will run into some major issues. If your gtablet has bad secors they can not be fixed it will be a bad install. You will know right away if you do it will not write to multiple sectors. If this happens i’d suggest using another rom non ICS. Yes there is a work around for this issue but I will not cover that. If you feel you want to take that chance you will have to google it & do your own foot work. Personally if I had bad sectros I would not have continued with work around and would have went back to old backed up data. ICS is large it’s not as small as the older revisions and will require a 2045/0 Partition and 1.2 kernel is a must no way around this. If you don’t understand this keep reading I will post as detailed as possible. If I miss something let me know.

1st if your tablet is already flashed with a custom rom back up your system using CWM then copy your backup to your PC. This is incase you have to go back to your original setup. You will find the backup in your Tablet it will be located where you backed it up at InternalSD or externalSD folder named: CklocklWork Mod/Backup copy the backup folder to your PC this has your  Backed up System in it. This tutorial is best for those who already use a Custom Rom.

Now once you have that done regardless if your in 1.2 or 1.1 you will be using NVFlash to make 100% sure the partion is correct. I will supply the full NVFlash with everything needed all you’ll have to do is unzip it and click on the .bat.


If you don’t know how to use NVFlash:

Turn on your gtab and go into CWM by pressing the power button and volume + and hold .Not Vol -.Vol- brings you to backup/restore. Then connect to PC using USB cable. This will be how to get your Gtablet ready for flashing. Refer to this when I get to the part when you will be using NVFlash.

Note: If you have never used NVFlash there are other steps required to use it please visit

Flashing your GTablet to TeamDRH ICS  “I had no part in making this rom I take 0 credit I am not in TeamDRH”  All credit goes to TeamDRH for the ICS Rom they made this possible not me. Thank them by donating visit thier home page @

This is the first part of the flashing process:

1st=On the Main CWM Menu, select ”Wipe data/factory reset” & press home to execute

2nd=Select “Yes — delete all user data”

3rd=Select “Wipe cache partition“

4th=Select “Yes – Wipe Cache”

5th=Select “advanced” and then “Partition SD Card” & execute (Answer 2048 to the first and 0 to the second option.

6th=Wait a bit be patient the last part takes a bit. Once completed go back to CWM main list and powerdown.

Second part of the flashing process.   All files I link are from me and same ones used to flash my Gtablet. They are clean and virus free fully scanned. Still scan all files you download regardless.

Download this File:

Link above is the ICS rom leave this zipped. “DO NOT UNZIP”

Also download : This will need to be unzipped this is the Full NVFlash that will drop a clean 1.2 Stock rom on your Gtablet.

Take this step anyhow even if you are already on 1.2 and did the 1st step. All 1.1 users you have to do this as well more so important to do than users on 1.2.

Once you have downloaded both links unzip the Full Stock NVFlash zip.

It’s time to NVFlash to Stock 1.2 follow the NVFlash step above before the 1st step. after you have NVflashed with the file I provided make sure to boot all the way into the stock Android. CWM and 1.2. & partition 2048/0 is already done with this stock rom you flashed using NVFlash.

Once you have let it fully go into the newly flashed stock 1.2 rom shutdown.

Next hold your power and Vol- Button to get you into CWM CWM=ClockWorkMod. Once in CWM repeat step 1 I know its repetitive but doing it this way gave me a easy 1st time install no issues. I’ve seen others try using only step 1 and end up with major issues.

Once your done with redoing part 1 of the process for the 2nd time again turn on your Gtablet once it’s fully booted up connect your Gtablet to your PC and copy over the ICS rom which I have linked above. Do not unzip the Rom I linked copy and paste it into main directory on your GTablet as is.

Disconnect USB cable after you have copied the ICS Rom onto your Gtablet and shut it down.

You will need to reboot into CWM holding Power button and VOL- at same time you will then boot into CWM.

Once in CWM in main menu scroll down to install zip from SDcard scroll down until you see the ICS rom select to install it. Be patient it’s a large install compared to other roms so sit back wait for it to complete. If you see sectors failing to write go back to begining of post to flash back to stock using the backup I suggested you made before attempting this.

Once its completed installing go back to main menu in CWM and select reboot and wait for 1st boot into ICS. Then put in your Google info and start using ICS on your GTablet 🙂 1st boot in may take time be patient.

There is no need for Gappz download it will give you an option when installing ICS to install with Google apps or without.  I’d select with.

Flashing your hardware is always a risk. Do not blame me if you bungle it or it locks up and requires a hard reset. This has never happened to me but when modifying anything you risk having major problems. If you break it please don’t post saying that I botched your Tablet up! These steps worked 100% for me because I did it exactly. And I also have technical knowlege if you have none get someone that does to help you. Always doing some extra homework prior to following my steps is a great idea. GOOD LUCK!

If any links are not working please let me know @ or just comment on the post you are attempting to download from.

Thank You.

Here’s a few of my Favorite TegraII games:!%202%20HD%203.0.3.apk

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