Our new Family member:-) Sammy

My daughter found him on the street. It appears he was abused had fresh bites & scratches and old scars on his face & neck,Head. When my daughter and her partner said they had found him I asked them to bring him over to check his temperment and interaction with other animals & children.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are great with kids not so much with other animals at times it all depends on how the mother was and the people who raise them.Unfortunately for thier breed type if they are lost or homeless thier future isn’t looking good Animal control puts them down instantly & there are other types of people who abuse them because they are a “pitbull” or are used to fight other dogs.  So it’s important if you find one of them homeless  to get in contact with a Pitbull rescue farm to find him/her a home. These rescue homes place the dogs in proper homes.

We have already fallen in love with him. He’s awesome with kids loves to play and every morning he visits everyone sleeping and wakes them with a slobbery tongue in our faces.

Staffs aren’t for everyone but if you think one is for you and fits your personaliy don’t buy from a breeder visit a local Pitbull rescue farm these dogs need good happy ,steady,  homes.


Turns out we know the people who actually found him a week or so before he ran from thier place. He was in rough shape when they took him in. So Hopefully he will adapt here with us.

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