Dell N4010 Laptop repaired

Haven’t been feeling well last few days so I didn’t do any pictures to look at.

It is a fairly easy repair.

The new 14″ LED screen cost $74 at Amazon. Shop around maybe you can find a better deal.

Tools needed a small PC philips screw driver and that’s it seriosuly it’s not a bad full on laptops in pieces repair.

Step 1: Open the screen be sure to leave it leaning back a bit. Using your fingers lightly pull on the edge of the screen you may need a thin tweezer to squeeze between the screen and the outer plate of the laptop. The outer plate that covers the edges around the LCD screen just lightly pull it away from the LCD panel you should hear it click and feel some glue pulling away work your way around until the front bezel is completely removed.

Step 2: There are 2 screws at the top take those out one on the upper right and left. After taking those out there are 3 screws on the bottom of each corner that’s 6 in total. Don’t take those completely out just losen them up a bit so the LCD panel can pull away from the outer panel. Don’t pull it all the way out just pull it slightly out and on the inside edge of the LCD screen on both sidesUntil you see 3 small philips screws “Black” These screws are what holds the screen in remove all 6 screws “Black” 3 on each side.

Step 3: After the small black screws have been removed from the LCD frame. You can now slowly move the LCD panel face down on the Key board there is only one connector here and it’s for the monitor gently pull away the label from the connector at that point you will be able to gently pull the ribbon out and the LCD Screen will now be completely removed from your Dell.

Step 4: Reverse the process to put the new LCD/LED panel in.

Have some scotch tape only will need a small strip to put over the the label that went over the connector on the LCD/LED panel.

Tips: Before handling your new LCD/LED Panel. Make sure you are static free if you don’t have a wrist strap just touch the back of a power supply on a PC tower. Don’t work on carpet or be wearing that winter jacket;-).

Hope this helps others. It worked wonders for me better to spend $74 on a repair than to be charged a percentage on top of the retail panel cost & labor from over paid Tech at your local PC shop or worse yet from some corporate electronics store.



It’s terrible lighting and phone camera but as you can see it’s working again.


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