I’ve always felt plasma Televisions weren’t a good choice for people who either watch TV alot or have a big family where children will most likely play Xbox,Playstation or Nintendo. I’ve never owned one until recently and i’m still pretty solid on that I would much rather have a LCD television over a Plasma for my main livingroom or any other room for that matter.

The TV i’ve been using in my room is  Plasma and although it’s a “09” model and it’s specs aren’t that of the newer Plasmas. It still works the same way at the end of the day. My biggest issue with the flat TV’s of today is image retention or Burn in. I use a Philips 52″ as my main TV for movies with the family. And have a 26″ Sanyo I repaired for someone a few years back that couldn’t pay for it so I used it as my bedroom tv. I keep on everyone as far as the main TV goes make sure the image is never set at 4:3 & not have the Guide up for long sessions. Basic rule here is ya pick what you want to watch leave it alone. So far with the Philips i’ve messed up cat napped for an hour or so with the guide up and have yet to see any image retention issue on it. Now the older Sanyo that is an “06” and is an LCD Display it will get image retention within a half hour time. Example watching Supernatural on TNT after the show ends I can still see the TNT logo on the bottom right side luckily so far the channel logos do eventually go away.

The Vizio 32″ Plasma that I recently repaired. I have been doing run tests like keeping it on over night to make sure the repair is solid. Took instant notice it will burn in under 5 minutes time and I have the brightness set under 50% and contrast is at 59% so the brightness is basically half up. The guide will burn in just by doing a basic scroll through reading info on shows i’m interested in and what not. And the Channel banner or corner logo always burns in long before a commercial rolls around. This is a serious problem while it does have screen wash built into the menu to remove burn in left over from watching a TV show. “In case you not sure what the screen wash is. No it doesnt have blades on it like a car;)” Screen wash is light gray that fills the whole screen to remove the burn in. At one point the burn in will not be removeable using the Screen wash leaving you with a nasty image burnt into your new TV.

There are plasma Televisions now that slightly move the screen image around constantly to avoid the burn in issue. The movement is minimal so you barely or never would notice while watching Television. I have done a few store tests on these models and sure enough they still get image retention. While not as quickly as ones that do not have that built in protection it still gets burnin. This is problematic for people that have kids or watch TV alot. Know for sure I wouldn’t want to spend a grand or 2 on a TV that has image burn within the 1st day you have it home. Burn in can be slight or severe if slight you can watch TV and not notice the image burn in unless you go to a bright white background. While severe burn in can be easily seen with a show on and all. Looks terrible! Who wants to watch thier favorite Movie in HD with the news Ticker burnt in at the top or bottom of the movie:(

Plasmas have gotten alot better with EnergyStar compliance but they still use a whole lot more electric than a LCD. Plasmas consume, on average, roughly two to three times more electricity to produce an image of the same brightness as LCD.

And heat seriously you could heat a small room with a 32″ Plasma it pours heat out of the vents. If you think a Plasma fits your needs make sure you don’t use a wallmount that hugs the wall. And if you are using a Entertainment cabinet be sure it’s not closed in behind it. To some this may not be an issue for them but for me I refuse to drop $1000+ on one. Leave atleast 6″ space between your plasma and wall or any other obstruction that will take away the breathing space it needs.

Is there any upside to owning a Plasma? To me no. But it does have some savng graces that may pull in some that are single and don’t watch much TV or play Video games. The one upside I can not deny is picture quality yes it can be better than any LCD/LED around.

Todays LCD/LED Televisions are damn close to plasma picture quality but any High end Plasma or even mid-end picture will surpass a LCD/LED TV.

Everyone has an opinion on this argument but i’m going to stay with LCD/LED Televisions atleast until the AMOLED/OLED Televisions hit this technology is awesome.surpasses Plasma & LCD/LED TVs and is even more thin than the slim lines they offer today. Hope this little blog can help you out on the day you are buying a new TV. Everyone’s needs and wants are different so pick what fits for you I only wrote this as my own opinion about why I choose LCD over Plasma.

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