Vizio 32″ Plasma HDTV Repair Model:VP322

Neighbor gave me the 32″ Vizio because it no longer powered on. At that price I immediately went to work on it. After pulling off the back panel & speaker panel. first thing to check is the power board which in almost all cases has bad capacitors.

Unfortunately i’m unable to check every cap on the board because my meter is no longer working so I could only go by condition of the capacitors that were on the board.

1st thing to look for is swollen capacitors they sometimes look as if they are leaking & the top of the capacitor is where the swelling is very noticable. Having a  multimeter that works is truly the best way for cap checking. Fortunately only 2 of the caps were swollen so went to local electronics depot that sells TV parts and bought 2- 16v 3300UF capacitors for $3 a piece. Story ends with I got a 32″ Plasma HDTV for $6 and about 30  minutes labor not to shabby:-)

Always keep an eye out for LCD or Plasma televisions sitting on road side in garbage almost 90% of the time they won’t power up and will only require a few capacitors that cost a few $$ a piece and a few hours of your time.

Required knowlege & searching or waiting to do these fixes

1: Soldering skills “If ya never have soldered buy the Pencil Solderer from Radio Shack great for circuit boards” & only cost ya $10 for the pencil Just practice on broken old boards before attempting a real fix.

2: Finding these TV’s or Monitors patience is key just keep your eyes open. No broken or cracked screens these are a lost cause the cost for the screen is not worth the fix unless you happen to have 2 of the same model and can use the parts from 1 to fix the other.


1: 15w soldering pencil again Radio Shack no more than $15.

2: High quality solder for electronic and electrical work. 60% tin and 40% lead with flux in the core for a strong, long lasting bond.  Cost $10-$20

3: TV that either has lines running through the picture “Not Cracked” Actual vertical or horizontal lines running through Picture when it’s powered on or a TV don’t power on at all. Again any cracked screen Televisions don’t bother.

4: Multimeter is always recommended going by eye is always a risk you may miss a bad one not all bad caps swell that are bad. Multimeter Starts at $10- $1,000+ I had a $30 worked great for a very long time.

5: Make sure the capacitor your buying matches the Voltage and uf of the capacitor your replacing on the Television.

6:Patience and do some google searching on the TV you wanna fix.  Find whatproblems the perticular model your working on have. Most of the time specific brands all have the same hardware failure very good starting point.

Here is the $6 Television

Here’s the Powerboard The Caps circled Red were the ones causing it to no longer power on. The ones circled in Yellow are important to check as well the pink circles are showing that the stuff you see on top are not from a bursted capacitor the substance you see circled pink is just an adhesive used to keep the caps separated from touching each other so they don’t over heat.

Not only does the capacitor issue arise in Televisions these issues can appear in almost anything electronic From TV remotes “yes i’ve actually fixed a TV remote with a bad cap” to PC monitors. Fixed many Dell monitors with capacitor replacement. When your TV stops powering on for no apparent reason remember to look up the common issues your model has & replace those capacitors before you call your local TV repair man because he’s gonna charge you no less than $100 for the fix yep that’s right $100+ for a possible $6 fix. In all reality most likely would be charged much more than $100 and a Television that’s 32″ or smaller just are not worth paying for to get repaired since 32″ LED/LCD HDTV’s can be found for $210 and they will do 1080p and will have a spankin new warranty with manufacturer or store.

Update: Plasma TV was on all night until almost 11Am this morning:) I really expected another cap to go since I couldn’t test them with a proper meter.  Also keep in mind you can make some decent $$ from this even though the fix may of only costed you $5-$10 you can still sell the TV or monitor you fixed at a price that’s fair for the size TV you repaired. Spend $10 make 200$ or more selling or charge for repair. My wife gets mad I take in these broken TV’s and we end up with more than we need but in the end no one can complain about a sizeable profit. Right now have a 17″ Westinghouse HDTV/Computer monitor i’m waiting on the circuit board to become available while its a Westinghouse and only maybe will make $50 on it after Labor and $26 cost for part i’ll end up with a solid profit. Cool thing about the Westinghouse it’s a perfect Multimedia Monitor for your PC has HDTV tuner built in.

It’s no way to make a solid living you will still need to keep your day job;) It’s a fun hobby & cool way to make extra $$$ or you may end up w/ a $6- 32″ plasma HDTV you wanna use in one of your rooms. Or if your really lucky a 50″ or larger may show up one day.

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