Gtablet Back to Stock w/ a few modifications

Last night While working and waiting for the Vita to hit Walmart shelves I decided to try the new Gtablet 1.2 Stock FW that was released a few weeks back.

After Using NVFlash to get it back to 1.2 stock I went ahead and accepted the OTA update from Viewsonic. I also have NVFlash setup to Flash stock with latest CWM intact. Unfortunately you can’t update to latest Stock or any stock update using CWM. Full Stock setup is required to apply the Viewsonic OTA update.

If your Gtablet is on 1.1 and you want to move to 1.2 to try the method I listed  you will need to use NVFlash to upgrade from 1.1 – 1.2. Now you may ask how do I use NVFlash?! Well lucky you there is a great site you can go to and here it is:

Good luck to all and remember you are always taking a risk by flashing your tablet but luckily with NVFlash it’s nearly impossible to fully brick your awesome Gtablet:-) “Yes I LOVE me Gtablet”

After applying Viewsonics latest  Update (1.2- 5699) which from what I read is based off the TNT Rom I went ahead and installed CWM for G-Tablet 1.2 roms  [I used gtab.cwm.3028.1.2.branch.rev5]  Download here:

Once in Stock you will no longer have Marketplace which is rough. Luckily there is a fix for this as well and no need for full root. Must Have CWM installed 1st before doing the Gapps fix which I added a link right here in this post. This fix worked for me without issue but please keep in mind even though the Gtablets are the same in hardware we all install different apps which can easily cause issues.  To do this extract the gtab.gapps.enhancement.pack.100 copy and paste the and recovery folder to the root of the Gtablets internal storage. “1st delete the &recovery folder from internal storage where you’ll be replacing it with the gtab.gapps.enhancement.pack.100”

Shutdown then restart holding the power button & Vol up at same time this brings you into CWM install update from there. For safety clear cache and dalvik cache along with factory wipe as well. Here’s the Gapps workaround (gtab.gapps.enhancement.pack.100) Download here:

The links I provided have all been scanned with my computer using Avast up to date virus definitions I also used these same tools on my Gtablet I linked for you to use. CWM and the Gapps enhancement update .zip was not created by me I take no credit for these wonderful apps that the awesome Gtablet community provides free of charge! prior to this update I was never able to get Shadowgun running properly with the latest Viewsonic Update and using CWM w/ Gapps enhancement pack it runs 100% awesome no missing textures or water running it is fully being rendered using your Tegra 2 device!


Responds much better it is like using a Custom Rom atleast as far as snappy it is anyhow.

Gained some apps finallly! ShadowGun working!

Netflix working, HBOgo, MaxGo-Working, w/Gapps Market works and almost get full apps. Search google there is a fix if you feel it’s missing something on marketplace.

Google Voice working,Dubgeon Defenders 2nd wave,World Of goo,Samurai Showdown,Angry Birds all versions 100% working!

ES File Explorer,Tegrazone,Advanced task mgr,my movie pro also working. I have not done much more testing but so far I am very pleased with Viewsonics Stock FW it fixed alot and made the interface very smooth and fast.

Those who aren’t interested in using custom roms or those that are tired of instability and loss of certain stuff like hardware acceleration when using custom romsthen this may be the answer for you at this point i’m quite happy with the new stock FW with Gapps and CWM. I have no intention of going to another custom rom unless HW accelleration is fixed and ICS is no longer in alpha stage.

10 thoughts on “Gtablet Back to Stock w/ a few modifications

  1. Thank you for your post. i am a stock user. i have never modded my g-tablet and i want the android market. Your post has inspired me to mod my g-tablet. thank you again for giving me a great starting point. can you recommend an app you would like more people to use?


    1. The G-tablet is a pretty cool device considering it’s limitations as far as NV drivers. The Device is 99% unbrickable and once you get a rom you like in it’s a very competent Tablet.

      So far my Fav roms have been TNT FW,Clemsyn_Caulkinver8final2, And the stock setup I use that I posted here. I do prefer the Stock method Update (1.2- 5699) over all other roms at this point. Still awaiting for the ICS Rom to become a bit more stable.
      As far as apps go the main apps I use are media because I watch movies at work. Netflix,HBOGO,MAXGO,WinAmp & MX Player.

      Must have apps: Titanium Backup great for backing up your apps.ES File Explorer.
      Games these are the ones I keep on the Tablet all the time: Shadowgun, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run & World Of goo. Almost forgot N64oid as well to play Mario64 and Mario Kart 64.

      Net apps IM+,Pandora, FIOS DVR Manager,Bittorrent app.
      There are just too many apps that are great CPU Master, LCD resolution. Once you do the steps I took opening up your Stock Gtab it opens up a whole new array of applications that stock GMarket just don’t have.


  2. I’m trying to help a friend by rooting his gtablet (1.2) and can’t seem to find a working cwm3028.1.2 If you could direct me to one I would be extremely grateful.


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