T-Rex 500E possible change up.

Have been flying 450 size RC Helicopters for quite a few years now. Haven’t flown in about 4-5 months mostly because the 450 needed some work not anything serious just needed some adjustments and stuff.

Although I did replace my head assembly with a Blue C&C model/make I usually use Gun metal but at time of purchase only blue was available. To the point Brought it up for a few minutes only to realize I have much out grown this size helicopter I need larger.

Found a shop in California that is selling the Align T-Rex 500E for only $475 shipped while it’s only one step up in size & lacks any serious C&C that’s pretty much needed for aggressive flying. It’s a good start into a larger size Heli and I can always upgrade the parts as I go. Started with same type setup for my 450 as I grew in skill I replaced the parts.

Found this shop in California http://www.aligntrexstore.com/ If everything arrives and in good shape i’ll make sure to post and verify shipping time & quality.


  • Length:840mm
  • Height:310mm
  • Main Blade Length:425mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter:970mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter:200mm
  • Motor Ponion Gear:13T
  • Main Drive Gear:162T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:145T
  • Tail Drive Gear:31T
  • Drive Gear Ratio:1:12.46:4.68
  • Weight(w/o power system):980g
  • Flying Weight:Approx 1700g
  • Color carton:48.3×18.7×9.8cm
  • Outer carton:58x50x42cm ,12sets/ctn

Package comes with Motor, 3 metal geared servos,1-Tail servo,ESC,Pinion 13t,Head Locking Gyro for under $500 pretty good deal. Found a Futaba 6channel radio w/rx for $189 great price can program up to 15 models on this radio will be able to stop using different Radios for each Helicopter.

Would like to go 700 Nitro I’m ready to go there but unfortunately my pocket isn’t. Looked into 600 Elec or Nitro and flybarless prices just aren’t there yet i’ll wait another 3 years flying a 500 then I’ll move to a 700 or larger Nitro.

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