Rooting & Flashing the Wonder Media Tablet WM8650

To start this tablet was my daughter friends and was in desperate need of a solid rom. The Stock was not user friendly and touch response was next to non existent.

The specs are as follows:

Product Features

  • Android 2.2 OS
  • Via WonderMedia 8650 CPU 800MHz
  • 256MB ram + 2GB hd
  • 7″ 2-point touch resistive touch screen

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

  • Hardware Platform:Tablet
  • Processor:Unknown
  • RAM: 256 MB

Hard Drive

  • Size:2 GB
  • Type: Solid State

The WM8650 can be bought at Amazon for under $100 and includes it’s own app store no GApps on stock rom. And chinese apps can be found in the apps directory meaning there are many hardware revisions of this tablet floating around.

Best way to know if you have a WM8650 is to look in hardware info on the tablet after booting up. Again even though you may see that it is a WM 8650 this does NOT mean it has the same hardware as the next WM8650.

Which brings me right to rooting & flashing this fine? meagerly priced Tablet.

If you are not interested in flashing it with a new rom and just want to root it here’s how it’s done ” Those who want to rom flash should also root away:-)”

Cletus at posted this rooting guide. Guide is called A Complete Morons Guide to Rooting your WM8650. This is the link directly to the page if you want to see the replys on the forums where these instructions were posted.

1. Go to Settings i) applications ii)Unknown Sources – make sure there is a green tick (touch to change if not) Return to main menu

2.Go to Browser i) Search for Applanet ii) Download – the download will appear in ‘Notifications’ (black drop down bar at the top) iii) from Notifications, touch the download notification and Install iv) Run Applanet

3. Return to Browser Search i)  Search for z4root ii) Run z4root – it will give you 3 options, temporary root, permanent root or uninstall – take your pick.

4. There isn’t one – you’ve done it. Now you can download apps until you turn purple and explode. This Guide is NOT mine I did not create it and take no credit for doing so.


Now for the fun part flashing a custom rom please follow flashing instructions exact! If you brick your tablet don’t blame me I used the same guides and tools i’m posting and flashed the WM8650 tablet with success.

1st go to and register.

On this site you will find guides on how to flash the tablet. The guides will be in Tablet Rom Mods sction of the forums.

I used Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v10.1 rom for flashing the 8650 I had. Since there is many variants of hardware for this tablet it may take you awhile to get the proper rom flashed it took me several tries before success.

I was 100% sure the tablet I had was VIA based and that would flash fine only to find that it would not boot up using that specific rom option. The Universal Rom has all the different hardware configs so you will have to try possibly all of them except the 8″ tablet options if you have the 7″ version as I was working with.

For me Option 7 was the answer others may be option 1 or 11 don’t give up during the process you may boot up and thnk your good to go only to find your screen is not working with that perticular option. No big deal go back in try another option and re-flash until you get the right one flashed. Once you have flashed the WM8650 successfully you will now have a much more zippy experience along with Gapps. MarketPlace is always welcome.

Universal_Uberoid_WM8650_v10.1 rom :

While it does have all the Gapps included on the rom Market Place is a dated version here’s the most recent. Market Place v3.4.4 :

Using the Market place I posted on the WM8650 works 100% no issues just install .apk after you get your tablet flashed.

I have linked the tools & rom needed to root & flash your WM8650 all these are the same I used on the tablet. They were all scanned with latest Avast AV with latest updates although they are clean for me every Anti-Virus is different if it comes up dirty please verify if it’s a false positive which it will most likely be.

Good luck:-) Any questions i’ll answer as quickly as possible.

This is the one I worked on Black on the front and the back side is all silver. The version had a green light w/black ear phone jack verifying these things  may help you during flash procedure.

17 thoughts on “Rooting & Flashing the Wonder Media Tablet WM8650

    1. Have you personalized your desktop? It’s possible that if you had that the page is not viewable with your personal color settings. If it’s not set at default please try that.


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  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your post.

    Do you know if Is it possible to root the ROM without an SD card?

    I have WM8650 7″, Cortex A9,
    Kernel 2.6.32
    Build 1.5.5

    When I downloaded and run z4root.pak , I was able to run only in Temporary Root mod. (At the end of the process it says it will eared on the next boot.)
    When I tried the Permanent Root mod, at the end of the process it rebooted with the original version.

    I checked the FAQ and the blog of techknow website but didn’t find any info


  3. Gilad: I’m pretty sure you must have an SD card to root the WM8650. I’ve rooted mine – but the first time I tried I had the same result as you. Once I put in the formatted SD card, it worked fine.


    1. Download winrar from This will allow you to extract the Uberoid rom. Most likely not showing as a zip file because it wasn’t setup to extract 7z compression downloading winrar and selecting it to extract all compression types winrar will then see the file as extractable.


  4. Hi, Thanks for the post,, there are several number 7´s options .. On that particular model you are using witch one is the one you used : apex, BLY-706F v1, M706s, Kingkon joypad 72 ?


    1. I haven’t worked on that model Tablet in years. I couldn’t answer that. Best bet is to follow the links I have hopefully you should find the answer. I never expected this tutorial to last as long as it has. Maybe i’ll try and find one again and do an update procedure.


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