G-Tablet Update

Flashed from Bootloader 1.1 to 1.2 it flashed great no issues unfortunately after flashing I accidently installed CWM 1.1BL version which semi software bricked the GTablet.

Now on Clemsyn_Caulkinver 8 final2 Rom it is Froyo based but fast as hell and am liking it quite a bit. It’s not honeycomb but to me speed & stability come before eye candy.

Make sure you understand how to use NVFlash this is a 100% way to come back from a softbrick. Fortunately I had NVFlash to save me or it would have been a return item:)  the GTablet is virtually impossible to 100% brick. From what I understand as long as there are roms for any Nvidia hardware based tablet you can use NVFlash to go back to stock as long as the tablet can be put in APX mode to flash a blank tablet drive.

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