The 10.1″ Viewsonic GTablet

Upgraded to the G-tablet from Viewsonic.

This tablet comes with Android 2.2 w/ Tap N Tap software which is absolutely horrendous if your looking for a tablet that is purchase and play well then skip the G-Tablet completely.

Now if you don’t mind putting time into it rooting then flashing a custom rom then this tablet can be awesome. There are many custom roms to choose from anything from 2.2-Honeycomb. The major bonus of this tablet is the hardware dual core Nvidia Tegra II w/16gb of space. along with blue tooth & a full size USB port and also can purchase a docking station that has HDMI out.  From the start I rooted it because as said the installed OS is not even workable constant app issues and very, very slow. Initially I started with TnT Lite 4.4.0 for Bootloader 1.1. This rom supported quite a bit and is based on the stock Tap N Tap rom but just much much improved speed and application support. I really wanted to move to a Honeycomb rom for my versioon Bootloader 1.1 tried Bottle Of Smoke and was unstable shutdowns and lockups. Then I went with Vegan-Tab 7.1.0 this is Gingerbread based and so far seems great has more app support than TnT Lite. Hulu-Plus a go very nice:)

Honeycomb Roms are stable on 1.2 bootloader from the reviews i’ve read. Unlike 1.1 Bootloader HC rom I used.

To get Roms that are still supported or being worked on Ice Cream Sandwich is in Alpha testing now you must flash to bootloader 1.2 which can cause a software brick I have yet to do this but do plan on the change once ICS is out and stable.

From what i’ve read it’s pretty hard to brick the G-tablet as long as you do your homework and understand how to use NVFlash. I’ve started getting to know this and eventually will move from bootloader 1.1 to BL 1.2. Of course I will post these things as i do them once I find something that I am 100% setteled with i’ll post links and info on how to flash easiest and painless as possible for now though the 1.1 BL roms are easy as long as you do a system backup for recovery you can try all the 1.1 roms you want.

The screen is 10.1″ and the viewing angles are not that great that aside  this tablet really is cool easy to flash hard to brick and plenty of roms to try.

So far apps that work 100% with Vegan that matter to me atleast are:



HBOGo, MaxGo

Pretty much all the Tegra games work except one called Shadowgun.(From what i’ve read Shadowgun works on 1.2 BL & HC Rom.)

Also have been working on using Google Voice and Bluetooth Headset to make & recieve calls using the G-Tablet i’ll post update when I get it 100% working. At this time I can make calls out but can not hear any voices:( I know if you already have a cell why? Easy just because it would be cool to have the Wifi Tablet take and make phone calls texting is great but I wanna go for the full on cheeeze! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The 10.1″ Viewsonic GTablet

  1. I bought this tablet because of its processing power. I intended to flash a custom rom, and I did so within a week. For a little time, I had bricked my tablet. Upon research, I found out about the problems with going from a 1.1 to 1.2 bootloader. I wanted honey comb, so I found out how and used nvflash to go back to stock, then, upgraded to the 1.2 stock bootloader, and was able to flash gtabcomb 3.3 on my tablet. It’s awesome, and so far, not buggy, like it was before it bricked my tablet when I tried honeycomb on 1.1. It’s a great tablet.


    1. I’ve tried different honeycomb roms on the gtablet. My biggest issues is the lack of hardware support. Even used illuminate for a bit always end up back in froyo based Roms. Would be really nice if viewsonic did an official update with honeycomb or ice cream sandwich.


      1. Yeah, if viewsonic did do an update officially, that would be great! Maybe with ice cream sandwich – probably not. I wich the camera worked with the rom I have, but since I upped from froyo, no camera support.


  2. From what I remember Illuminate supports hardware “Not sure if it’s 100%” & camera works.
    When flashing to Illuminate it flashes everything so after it installs you would have to re-install CWM.
    It is a HC rom if you like using HoneyComb I suggest giving it a try. Just make sure ya read all the details before flashing.


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