Coby Kyros MID8024 Android 2.3 update (Nefarious Bread v1.2)

Since flashing the 8024 with Nefarious Bread which is using Android 2.3 instead of stock 2.2.

I have lost a few apps that worked on stock which I listed in previous post those are the only ones I personally noticed there could be more that will no longer work.

Will I be flashing back to stock to have those apps working again? NOPE… Because I have much better performance and am completely fine with no longer being able to use those apps. It is an easy update and from what I understand Nefarious Bread is already rooted upon flashing to your Coby.

Netflix now works 100% no need for no device check and market place works flawlessly no more app crashes that would occur using the no root method on the stock 2.2 Android.

Here is where you can get the Coby stock update it also explains how to flash the new update and this also will be the same when updating to Nefarious Bread v1.2.

Link for Firmware update instructions:

Link for the Stock Firmware update:

This is the download link for Nefarious Bread V1.2:

The Rom Nefarious Bread was not created by me I take no credit for this awesome rom. I have heard that Version 1.3 is complete and in testing I will post it when it gets a public release.

Enjoy and good luck! Any questions or any thing I forgot feel free to email me or just reply here and I’ll get back A.S.A.P:)

The Rom I am sharing from my dropbox is the one I am using it is clean and was scanned using Avast AV.  PC & AntiVirus is 100% up to date ALWAYS SCAN FILES YOU DOWNLOAD! Format 1gb or more MicroSDHC card fat32 extract all files & folders to the  Micro SDHC card & follow the Coby flash guide link is above.

If the links are no longer working please let me know.

P.S,  Always do your homework prior to hacking or changing your stock device!

Start at these places they worked for me and should work for you if in doubt google is your answer.

Update 04/06/2014

Coby Electronics Shuts Down, Taking Customer Warranties With It
Coby was gone early-mid 2013 the link I posted is old news. But relevant none the less.

Unfortunately the links to Coby’s home page are no longer available.
All other links are working okay.

The links to Coby webpage will still be shown but will not link to anything useful.
For the information that was listed at Coby’s webpage can be found at the usual places.

Also google is a great place to search. Since there are newer tablets available I will not be keeping up on the Coby MID8024.
I’ll do my best to keep the links that I have control over active.

40 thoughts on “Coby Kyros MID8024 Android 2.3 update (Nefarious Bread v1.2)

    1. @ angryman sorry you flashed your Coby improperly. Next time do,research prior to flashing. The info I posted is 100% working on my Kudos. And other here have used as well without issue. My info is NOT,false nor is the rom.


  1. This update has re-invented the tab into a pleasant experience. Thanks tons. On more issue to solve now, most of the apps I use are not showing up in the market. Is there a way to change the device id to see everything?


  2. Great firmware, have it on for about 4months and works great – much better than stock, only problem i have is with android market – it doesnt want to work thru wifi… otherwise great!


      1. What Kyros do you have? & when you say bricked what is the Coby doing or not doing? The instructions posted if followed to the letter will flash the Kyros MID8024 with no problem.


    1. Please follow these links:

      All modifications are a risk. I feel for you.. before getting to upset be sure to follow the links I posted for you and look in the Coby section of the forums. You should find a solution or possibly a answer you don’t want to hear. Either way atleast you will know where your at. Some bricks are only semi so get to some reading and please reply back on your findings.

      If you feel like posting here how you did the custom rom and what it’s doing after you flashed it. I’ll see if I can come up with an answer. I had no issues flashing the Kyros if it were a Gtablet issue those ive had semi brick on me and was able to come back from it but the Kyros I never had an issue.


      1. i’m back, revived (don’t remember wich forum, so many readed, but with partitioning and short 7&8 nand pins, i’m back in bussines. Neffy the be(a)st!!! looking forward for 1.3. I made a little change, sd inside was 4Gb so i mounted a 8Gb one and works fine. thinking about buying a 16Gb class 8 but is a little too expensive for now (nagging wife for gadgets expenses…)
        PS I didn’t accused anyone for my brick, just wanted sone help. Hope to find so many How to if i brick my LG P500 phone.

        Thats all folkes!!!


  3. Hy, it’s me again… All works just fine, wifi, 3g network(vodafone dongle) flash, video call on y mess, games(even ones that were NOT for this tab, books, u name it and probably works. Thanks neffy for a very good job, and keep going strong. By.


  4. I’m an Android nb and just bought a used Kyros 2084 to learn my way around. Junky little thing stock but neferious bread turns it into something actually fun and useful.
    Instructions were clear and precise. The whole process, downloads and everything, took under 20 minutes. Running just fine.
    Thanks much


  5. Works great, long better than stock. This is an example about why free software is better than any proprietary option. My tablet was almost a brick, and now it’s a real tablet!


  6. I’m very satisfied with the results, now i feel my tablet is working at its best. Specially with the access to google play store. The installation went easy and fast. At first i kept the buttons pressed (home & power) and it didn’t worked, then i just pressed and released the buttons and everything went well.


  7. I just installed d Nefarious Bread 2.3. I’m impressed… d stock version looked dull n primitive. I will post another comment in about a week 2 c how it turns out… thanks


  8. hello there, this is so helpful just did my flashing my 8024 with Nefarious Bread which is using Android 2.3 now instead of stock 2.2. thanks a bunch


  9. Great update! worked like a charm in my Kyros MID8024.
    Thank you. By the way I created a small page for people that might have issues connecting the tablet to the Belkin N1 Router.


  10. first time doing anything like this to an android device. im a bit afraid to try, as i swear that i read in another of your posts that you have to format the sd card first. is this done in the tablet, or on the pc? where do i find the folder? maybe im a bit dumb at this, as ive never tried this before, as previously stated, but could you give me some simpler instructions on how to do this, or possibly point me in the direction where i can find the information? please reply, and thanks!


  11. back again. just followed the above pdf instructions, made partitions on the tablet, unmounted the sd card and then remounted it, but it still says that im running os 2.2, and the app store is still down! please help!


  12. Pleas help me i install Nefarious Bread which u uploaded on my coby mid8024 wit work good but one problem that is it didn’t read my USB pin drive tell me how to solve this problem thanks and please mail me the solution if posiable


    1. Since I no longer own the Coby MID8024 I can not check on that. When installing any rom or software that is not provided by Coby themselves is a risk. Custom roms are great they allow you to get updates you would never get from Coby. So sometimes there are things that won’t work and sometimes it improves compatibility. Always do plenty of homework prior to modifying the stock software and then see if the custom rom is worth updating to. Follow the links listed on my blog you should be able to get latest updates and info there.


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