Uncharted 3 & Other things

Good to be back on my blog page again.

Had issues after password was reset.

Was cleaning up our closet a month or so back and found a trashbag full of our old Playstation 2 games. They were headed for donation when my son mentioned that gamestop would take them in on trade figured why not. Ended up scoring almost $110.

After purchasing new headset for the 360 and HAZE for the PS3 we also Pre-Ordered Uncharted 3 I have played Drake’s Fortune & Among Thieves. Drake’s Fortune was an awesome entry into Uncharted it is a great game then Among Thieves was released and this was even better than the 1st game.

The great thing about Uncharted where other games like it fail is the Story and gameplay are consistant. And the characters really grow on you and you really begin to hope that it all turns out good for all of the characters involved with Drake. All of them have a real chemistry and can be heard when listening to the voice acting in game.  I hate comparing to Tomb Raider but since they are both fortune hunters it’s hard not to. Tomb Raider ultimately failed after the 1st game every game after got worse and worse until the much later releases of Legend and Underworld and even Underworld is not as good as Legend and both Legend and Underworld can’t come close to any of the Uncharted games.

After releaseing a great 1st Uncharted it was hard to imagine the 2nd would be any better but it was. And now Uncharted 3 is released as of 11/01/11 and although i’m only on Chapter 17 the game is amazing some reviewers say that it’s a good game but not any better than the 2nd. Maybe it isn’t a huge leap forward but it’s just as good and maybe even better and that’s alot for any developer to accomplish.

I only bought the PS3 for the Blu-Ray player at the time it was the better equipment in that price range compared to other Blu-Ray players.

If you don’t own a PS3 you should get it just to play the Uncharted games and even if there isn’t another game you will play on it you still get a solid media /Blu-Ray player.


Awaiting on a new tail servo for my 450 i’ve negelected my Rc helicopters for quite some time now it’s beautiful outside in Florida and a good time for me to get them in the air.

Ordered from Hobbyking so hopefully within a week i”ll have the new servo.


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