Properly clean your lcd or plasma television set.

Forget buying those screen cleaning products that claim they are needed to get your screens clean.

Led tvs are lcd tvs. LED is just used to light up the screen instead of the conventional lighting used on lcd tvs

Back to cleaning your screen 1st use
Microfiber cloth and lightly wipe the screen with the screens lines NOT against them. DO not use any cleaner or water the 1st few wipes.
After getting up the dust from the screen then use water that is not from your faucet. Only dampen the microfiber cloth and again wipe with the grain of the screen not against it. Now get a new unused microfiber cloth and wipe with the grain of the tv until no streaks are present.

Why not use water or cleaner right away? Add water to sand and you get mud and on top of that you also will impact that mud into the screens very slim lines. Which once you do that you will never get it out and will always appear as a smudge on the screen.

If you have a screen protector also use microfiber cloth. Use Brillianize cleaner for your screen saver not to ever be used on your tvs screen.
If you don’t have a screen protector look at tv-armor at

They will save your screen keep in mind manufacturers warrantys nor store bought warrantys cover screen damage.

Brillianize is also excellent and safe for cleaning DVDs,Blurays & Laserdiscs.


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