Top Rated LaserDisc Movies.

I do not have many Laserdiscs but I do enoy collecting them off and on.

Look for ones that either remind me of fond childhood or Teenage memories even adult memories:)

Recently picked up Metallica Cliff Em All Laserdisc unopened in the original Laserdisc case…I refuse to open it not because I wnto save it in pristine condition but mostly because I want to keep it in pristine condition Since I remember owning the VHS when I was 15-17 tears ols and watched that VHS over & over until it wore down to nthingness reminsds me of my metalifuckincrazydayz!!!!. Same with the Garage Dayz Rerevisited Tape I listened to that tape until it was comepletely distorted. “And Yes I Still have the $5.98 EP & The Vinyl along with th ehard to locate $5.98 CD.

I Was on Ebay and dropped a bid on the Starwars the original Trilogy Widescreen StarWars Troliogy Special Edition w/The added CG that ultimately was Decided as a addon since the old source material was so deteriorated.

This caused a mixed amotions amoungst fans that it pulled away for that STARWARS FEELING! For me it was when Guido shot 1st before  Solo shot him dead in his seat…True fans know the scoundrel Han Solo is! did not wait for Giodp to shoot firts he just blastd Guido’s ass away!YAHHH that’s what i’ talking about bad ass solo not fuckin around in any way!!!.

With that said I like some of the new addons’ but I am feversishly searching for the original “77” StarWars on LaserDisc. Also would like originals or Empire and Jedi. And I will not see the Lucas 3d Theatrical releases nor will I buy another bluray set for the 3d version .

I’ll just Buy the Regular Bluray releaeses….And ONLY THE ORIGINALS! Not the kid version flicks known as Revenge of the Sith or Clone Wars or Phantom they are just to kiddy for Starwars movies…What happend


But what gets me more is some of the Laserdisc I collect are sincerely perfect the way they were meant to be seen back in the 80’s & 90’s  long past that really don’t seem so far ago:(

Back to quality Laserdisc Movies:

The Man In The Iron Mask : Looks supurb considering it’s an analog source, Sound great If you have a D.Digital decoder The sound will blow you away make DVD sound seem far inferior.

Mad City : Great Sound, Impressive picture quality

Pupl Fiction: Good Sound, Excellent picture quality

The are a few more that were outstanding as far as sound and video is concerned.


Thew Gamer: Sound Out of this bluray is 7.1 DTS-HD / Picture clarity beyond what youd expect for hign action/paced scenes holds sold frame rate with minimum to nill pixelation..Amazing

Se7en: DTS-HD Sound track stunnining sound will wouk out your 7.1 system and sub  to the max AMAZING. The Re-encode of the film is top notch..A MUST SEE!

Band Of Brothers: Enough said the DTS-HD 7.1 will have your ears in orgasm it sounds that amazing,perfect amount of Grain, clairity,Clothing is dead on could not ask for a better representation for a Benchmark Blu-Ray.

Gangs Of New York: There is some slight blurring but nothing to deteriorate the quality of an amazing film and is still one of my favorite movies of all time. Sound is on par and  the surround sounds that make you feel as if you there at the 5-points.


On a side note I was a bit wasted when I wrote this. After going over it this morning I couldn’t beleive how wasted I really was.

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