DirectX 11 & Crysis 2

With consoles being so old and developers still slowly milking the gaming community for every last penny.

PC again has been left with either it’s a dying platform or it’s the beginning of great things soon to come! Every developer says something that either dismisses the personal PC or confirms it’s power to actually make real changes in the gaming world.

With that said Crysis 1 was originally a PC only title because the consoles just couldn’t produce the power needed to even run the game at lowest settings. Thier hardware just could not perform the technology in the PS3 or 360 by PC standard is about 5 generations old now and soon will be 6. As a matter a fact when the PS3 and 360 were originally realeased they were already a generation behind the personal computer. Thier hardware was basically set to use DirectX 9.1 which really doesn’t exist in the PC world but it was slightly modified for the next generation game consaoles ..360/PS3. Example the PS3 uses the g70 core from Nvidia which powered the anchient old 7800 series DirectX 9 video cards for PC. The 360 uses a same generation type video card custom made from ATI for the xbox 360. I used 2- 7800GT Video  cards in SLI on my PC  back in late 04 early 05.

In 2005 Microsoft released Windows vista which introduced DirectX10 which was a step forward graphically but not much used because developers were to busy developing for consoles which could not use DirectX 10. Thus leaving DX10 games on PC few and far inbetween Crysis 1 being one of the games and a few other maybe 20-30 other games.

At the end of Vistas short lived  stay on the market DirectX 11 was introduced now DirectX 11 is a huge step forward but again consoles still stuck in th early 2000’s

Developers like Crytek decided to go ahead and downgrade Crysis 2 for the old consoles so they too could make console money like all the other developers who used to drive Toyota’s can now drive BMW’s and Lamborghini’s.

Shortly after them realizing what a horrible mistake it was to downgrade Crysis 2 to work on consoles they released a proper patch to implement DirectX 11 for PC gamers. But issue is the game should have been built from the ground up on DX11 tech not old console tech.

Here’s a few PC screen shots of Crysis 2 running DX11 with the graphics maxed out running at true 1080P unlike the consoles that use DirectX 9 & less than 720p but are upscaled to fit a 1080 screen source.

Click on the pictures for larger image.

The Screenshots were taken in game from my personal PC.

Windows 7 Ult x64

AMD Quad core 3.2 Ghz CPU Phenom II

4 gigs DDRII 1066 memory

Geforce 560Ti Superclocked.

Geforce 8200 as PhysX card


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