450 RC Helicopter finally repaired.

Had major issues with the helicopter not getting lift.

Even with the pitch at +10 degrees which is what it’s supposed to be at.

Earler this year I replaced the blade holder bearings  due to getting heavy vibration and the movement was stiff. Then after replacing the bearings decided I needed more power so upgraded the motor to a Scorpion the motor is insane!! LOVE it..no really I love it.

Then after changing the motor It started to have trouble startiung to spin up. After this happening for quite some time it finally just stopped working at all:( decided to replace the main gear which actually ended up being the main shaft sleeve that was completely shredded into small fragments. So thinking since the mainshaft sleeve was beat figured the main gear was just fine I replaced the sleeve and popped the old gear with the new sleeve back into the Helicopter.

Bad idea! While the helicopter did get lift it took 100% throttle to even lift it off the ground 3 ft! NOT GOOD! Plus added a vibration that could give a 5 year old child shaken syndrome. SO I sat on it for a week or so and continued to just fly my trainer to keep my skills up to par which isn’t all that great since a trainer Helicopter is tiny and fixed pitch there for inverted flight and trick flying is out of the question meaning while my normal flight skills are `100% my stunt flying has decreased to almost beginner status:(

Last night around 1-Am decieded I would replace that main gear that should have been replaced when I changed the main shaft sleeve out. Low and behold took it out for a test spin and what do ya know it is at full power and could decapitate someone without issue yay!!!! When I heard it spin up almost scared me for a second forgot how much more power the 450 has compared to my trainer heli’s.

My son decided he wanted to learn how to fly so I gave him a 300 Trainer heli pretty sweet ride perfect for hover training and basic nose in and side in training. Just requires a very low wind day outside otherwise he would struggle way to much learning. It’s hard enough to learn to even hover tail in without wind no less with some wind.

Like I say to all beginners gotta take it very slow because you will never be able to just pick up a RC helicopter and start hovering it that day or even the 1st month. When I hear people buying these $1,200 helicopters for a starter I always laugh because I know the 1st second they try and fly it will be in pieces, And I love thier faces when theres a thousand dollars worth of helicopter all over the ground and then they instantly say it was defective!!! LOL that is the best.

Once sold a helicopter to a dude he came back 10 minutes later dude you sold me a broken helicopter it doesn’t fly! I turned it on and started flying around  and he was like but it didn’t do that for me?! I was like I know because you have to learn if you wanna get a RC and start to compete that day get a car or truck even a plank AKA Plane. Because RC Helicopters have the highest learning curve.

Another favorite of mine is when someone tells me ohh ill be fine I play video games great! lol Vgames have nothing to do with real physics and wind compensation and quick recovery.


15:19 Little Sal tried flying for the 1st time he did quite well:) A few crashes but that’s to be expected tomorrow is another day well go at it again then:)

Think I will modify it a bit for hover practice tonight this way tomorrow he may have it a bit easier.

I have 2 days off so may as well pass something I know over to my son and why not it be a hobby that I love. And hopefully one day he will fall in love with the same hobby as I have.

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