Florida’s Pill Epidemic

What is an Epidemic? Answer: –adjective


Also, ep·i·dem·i·cal. (of a disease) affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.

extremely prevalent; widespread.
So we can safely say that the U/S government and the great people of the United states have claimed war on the Gun epidemic and the Drug epidemic even gang epidemics.
Pretty intersesting that people are the crusaders of such wars.
April 1, 1789: House of Representatives first achieved a quorum and elected its officers. This I would say could be seen as a gang of people aimed at the same goal? Which I must add so do street gangs they are all out for the same goal.
Pharaceutical drugs even illegal drugs are created by no other than people.
Who distributes these drugs? Easy answer. People
The gun epidemic:  The Puckle Gun: created in 1718 by James Puckle of London,England Demonstarted this new invention known as the “Puckle Gun” A tripod-mounted,single barreled flintlock gun fitted with a multishot revolving cylinder.
Gun powder & Hand cannons go back to 1247.
Once again people make the guns and people distribute guns to no other than? PEOPLE !!!!
When you look at the word Epidemic is it really Gangs? Drugs? or Guns? I don’t think so people are the epidemic we are the ones that shoot people. Guns don’t point ,aim and pull thier own triggers.
If you look at drugs in general especially prescribed drugs these help millions of people a day live thier lives. But as with anything else people are the ones to abuse these drugs. The drugs do not force them onto you do they? Of course not Doctors prescribe them. Friends at party’s are doing them it’s people that push these things and people that abuse them.
So again here we are at the same place we started PEOPLE.
Without gangs of people there would not be liberty and the pursuit of happiness there would not be a constitution to protect U.S citizens.
Make no mistake all gangs operate under 1 goal and it’s the goal they set when starting the gang. So If this gang starts and something good comes from it it is a cause. If a gang of criminals get together and decide to kill $ rob in the name of $$ this is against the law.
And rightfully should be. But although the differences of these gangs are huge they are still gangs none the less.
The people are the ones who make these choices to claim an inanimate object is a epidemic is a grave mistake and usually only seen as one by those who don’t truly see what the human being is truly capable of or is just in a sad state of denial.

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