New games from PC – Consoles what do they score?

I personally have always used Gamespot as my choice place to review new or old games. Why? well before it changed drastically once upon a time they had the best reviews and they reviewed games that went back to the Atari 2600.

Back to the scores. Personally the games I have played from March 2011 until this month May 2011 are as listed.

Crysis 2 PC

L.A Noire Xbox 360

Hydrophobia Prophecy (Steam) PC

The Witcher 2 PC

Killzone 3 PS3

I’ll leave my personal thoughts out of the games i’ve been playing. Only to say i’ve enjoyed them all some I have completed others still playing them.  Just started Playing DiRT 3 on the PC last night May 24th. I love the McRae games loved them before the franchise changed it’s name to DiRT. And still love em today:) So far only completed very little on DiRT 3 but it’s fun and on the PC with everything cranked up at 1920x1080p it looks insane! And handles well controls are fantastic use the 360 controller if you can.

Game scores

The Witcher 2 PC =9.0  The Witcher 2 is TBA for consoles as of today.

L.A Noire 360 & PS3 =9.0

Fable 3 PC =7.0 Don’t let the low score throw you off the game IS fun!

Fable 3  Xbox 360 =7.5

Dirt 3 Xbox 360 = 9.0 at this time only the 360 version has been reviewed

Portal 2 PC = 9.0 , The Xbox 360 & PS3 also received the same score of 9.0

The Highest rated games according to Gamespot

1. 9.5
2. 9.5
3. 9.5
4. 9.5
7. 9.0
8. 9.0

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