The New Nvidia Geforce GTX 560-Ti 1GB GDDR5 Onboard Memory PCI-E “GF114 GPU “

Not only does it have 384 CUDA cores, but we’ve juiced the graphics clocks up to 822MHz and improved power efficiency.  The GTX 560 Ti delivers 33% better performance and 21% better performance / watt compared to the GTX 460.  It runs just as cool and quiet and is still an overclocker’s dream.

The card uses less power & runs much cooler but at length of 9 inches long…Better have enough room to fit this bad ass in your case:)

Reference specifications:

Graphics card GeForce GTX 460
GeForce GTX 460
GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Graphics Processing Clusters 2 2 2
Streaming Multiprocessors 7 7 8
Shader processor 336 336 384
Texture Units 56 56 64
ROPs 24 32 32
Core Clock 675 MHz 675 MHz 822 MHz
Shader Clock 1350 MHz 1350 MHz 1644 MHz
Memory Data rate 3600 MHz 3600 MHz 4008 MHz
Graphics Memory 768MB GDDR5 1024MB GDDR5 1024MB GDDR5
Memory interface 192-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Memory bandwidth 86 GB/s 115 GB/s 128 GB/S
Texture Fillrate Bilinear 37.8 GigaTexels/sec 37.8 GigaTexels/sec 52.6 GigaTexels/sec
Fab node 40nm 40nm 40nm
TDP 150 Watts 160 Watts 170 Watts

Have needed an upgrade on a video card for quite some time now. I remember the 8800 being quite warm and the 260 Geforce I have been using for about 3 years now was a heat monster you could BBQ steaks on it.Took an RMA full size Tower w/2 120mm fans to keep it at bay and even still ran into heat issues.

So I went ahead and ordered the new Gefordce GTX 560TI that is supposed to be a great performer that runs cooler than the other variants of the 400 & 500 series cards known as the “Fermi” line.

Have been using EVGA products fro quite some time the have a great trade up program (I’ve never used it:)” And a GREAT warranty which I can confirm is the best i’ve dealt with on the RMA side of things. Just make sure to register your prodauct as soon as you get it in your hands. “There is a 30 day period you must register your card or warranty will be no good”

I haven’t been the biggest gamer in some time but when I do game I want it to be the best possible experience I can have on speed side and image quality side. There are a few games that I do look forward to this year and really want to see where DX11 brings us since DX11 is the largest leap made since the move from DX7 to DX8.

The good news is you can pick up the beast of a card called the new Geforce GTX 560Ti for $249 . Or you can spend more for the older model that doesn’t perform as well and will cook anything inside or maybe ontop of your tower.

Geforce GTX 560ti $249 or you can get the factory OC’d version in the same prace range of $259

Then there’s the Geforce GTX 570 for $359 and does not perform as well & runs very hot compared to the  GTX 560ti . Look on google the benchmarks wikll show you the 570’s $100 more price tag isn’t such a good deal.

560ti GTX Specs:

  • Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA
  • Core Clock: 900MHz (Std 822)
  • Shader Clock: 1800MHz
  • Stream Processors: 384 Processor Cores
  • DirectX:
    DirectX 11
    OpenGL 4.1
    1 x mini HDMI
  • 570 GTX specs:

    Core Clock:
    Shader Clock:
    Stream Processors:
    480 Processor Cores
    Effective Memory Clock:
    DirectX 11
    OpenGL 4.1
    1 x mini HDMI


    Picture of the new Geforce GTX 560 Ti Series. This is the 2nd time the Ti moniker has been used on an Nvidia card the last card to use Ti were the geforce 4 series about 6 years back. 

    Again purchased another EVGA card that is factory overclocked at 900mhz compared to the standard 820mhz.

    After I left the ATI 800 series I then jumped to the Geforce 7800 series EVGA and from that point on i’ve just stuck with EVGA have had good luck with them my 8800 GTS 640mb & 260 GTS 840 are still going strong.


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