Band Of Brothers (Blu-Ray)

My daughter bought me the Band Of Brothers Blu-Ray for Christmas.

Have been wanting this for quite some time now I already own the DVD version. But really wanted to get the higher quality Blu-Ray version.  Last time we watched Band Of  Brothers was from a downloaded Divx version.

Of course I did watch some of the DVD version when I purchased it a few years back. What really impressed me about the DVD version was the DTS sound that they used for the mini-series. It truly sounded superb on my old Sony 5.1 channel surround system (STR-DE697) and my Panasonic 1080i HD projection Television. After hearing this on DVD I truly did not think the sound could get much better. The picture quality on the DVD was better than the Divx we viewed & definetly better than the Brighthouse History ChannelHD version. I got the chance to watch a few episodes on History HD about 7 months back.

Comparing to the Divx version we had watched it really wasn’t a fair comparison since at that time I only had a HTiB=Home Theater in the Box & a Sony Projection Television I purchased back in 1997 standard only not HD.

Well fast forward to January 4th & 5th the hardware I am using is quite different. Watched Band Of  Brothers Blu-ray’s on a Sony 7.1 Surround Sound system w/Playstation 3 as the Blu-Ray player and a Philips 52″ LCD HDTV w/Pixel PlusHD. As soon as it started I could see the difference right away.

The picture is clear and sharp all facial features are easily seen scars, pock marks and lint on the clothes.The skin colors are excellent no overly red or green tinted & the colors stand out very well and the black levels never fail they are solid and deep. The sound is DTS-Master Audio and it is leaps and bounds better than it’s DVD cousin in every way. The surround speakers are being used more than any other video I have watched the bass is solid and never crackles or dies off abrubtly. Seriously didn’t think they could do much better than the DTS track on the DVD release I was very wrong.

The only way to watch this is loud as hell it fits the war setting and the stuff you hear all around is just awesome. I’ve never been under heavy gun fire but would imagine that if it sounded like that it would be damn scary. You can hear the shells clinging off rocks and the gun bolt crack after it’s last shell.

If you or anyone else wants this Mini-Series and are considering the purchase and you have a Blu-Ray player & HDTV get the Blu-Ray version don’t bother with the DVD. If all you have is a DVD player go for it get the DVD version. But if your considering upgrading your TV & player hold out & wait to get the BR.

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