Back to the Future Episode 1 – It’s About Time PC-Game

Recently recieved Back to the Future p.1 PC game.

It’s a neat adventure game . If adventure games are your thing.

The graphics are cartoony but fits perfect for this universe.

The puzzles are quite simple but still fun and lets the story easily progress.

Christopher Lloyd is the only original actor to have signed on.  M.J Fox of course didn’t or couldn’t partcipate but the people that do the voice alikes do a solid job. 

Wonder who did Einstein’s bark?

This is the down side though because the puzzles are simple and moves the story forward easily it’s  a very short game.  Keep in mind this is part 1 of 5.

From what I have seen the 5 episodes can be bought for $24.95 but the episodes are to be released every month.

Part 2 will be released in February.

Was able to complete part 1 in under 2 hours this was taking my time. There is some point & click going on in this adventure game but you also use the W,S,A,D key’s to move Marty.

Available for download on:

PC,MAC,Playstation 3 Store.


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