Playstation 3 Media Player

The PS3 is turning into a home entertainment media server/player.
Now with Netflix and Hulu installable along with PSMedia server your PS3 can pretty much play anything.

Have tested out Hulu & Netflix and the PSMedia server.
NetFlix on Playstation 3 is great it fully supports streaming video and HD streaming as well.
The user interface in Netflix is great no need to go to PC and set movies in queue just launch Netflix and play your favorite movies in standard and HD if the movie supports it.

While it’s not without it’s quirks like a $9.99 mnth subscription or purchasing a yearly subscription of the Playsation service and then you don’t have to pay for Hulu.
You get standard video resolution that streams pretty decent every once in awhile there will be a skip or studder in the video.
The first show you watch will have approximately 3 minutes of commercials. But after the 1st show is completed and you start to watch a 2nd I noticed that the commercials were shorter instead of 2-1 minute commercials and 1 30 second commercial it was just 3-30 second commercials.
All in all I think buying the Playstation service by the year for Hulu alone is worth it’s weight.

PSmedia server:
Free to download and it allows your PS3 to stream videos from your network.
You can also use windows media for your media server but the PSmedia server is much better and if you have a Mac you can use this app as well 🙂
Streaming wise it’s very smooth you can stream any codec you wish and it will be very good did not notice any slow down or studddering when watching a .mkv 720p copy of Iron Man 2.
Also plays standard resolution video smoothly and clearly. Xvid,Divx and many others.

There are other apps for the PS3 like MLB channel and they have plans for googleTv in the future.
With the great Blu-Ray player that is still ranking highly on the quality side & support for many cool applications the Playstation 3 may still be in peoples entertainment center long after the other consoles have been replaced with the next generation of consoles.

Not to mention the Uncharted series these games are simply GREAT! Uncharted 1 was incredible then to have Uncharted 2 be as good if not better was an amazing feat other developers usually fail at.

With Uncharted 3 :Drake’s Deception announced another great reason the PS3 has held onand I beleive will continue to do so.

Watch SpikeTv tonight at 8PM eastern time for the VGA Awards show there will be a 2 minute Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception trailer unveiled.

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