Luck be on me side!

After talking with a friend about hacking the Xbox360 harddrive upgrading the 20GB drive I have to a larger capacity.

I start looking through my hardware low and behold a 120gb WD “BEV” Laptop HDD was just sitting there:) After a rather easy formatting using some tools available online and a downloaded key for a 120GB hdd.Copied all the data from the 20gb HDD to a 4gb usb stick  then put the 120GB drive in the XboxHDD case that once held the 20GB Drive. Tools needed 10T and 6T key. And moved profiles from the USB Key to the new drive .Required a small update from Xlive to replace some files I didn’t move from the old 20gig drive and was all done had 107GB free space on the Xbox instead of the 2GB of space the 20GB hard drive had…… 30 minutes of my time.


If you are a owner of a Blu-Ray player I strongly suggest checking out Hollywood Video. They rent movies on Blu-Ray and also sell Blu-rays used & new. The good thing about this is thier used Blu-Rays are very cheap and since not many have adopted the Bluray format yet the used movies you get are in excellent to new condition.

Grabbed up 4 movies last night

Apocalypto-$9.99 Used.Like new  Walmart Price:$15.00

Ghost Busters-$7.99 Used.Like new Walmart Price $9.96

12 Monkeys-$9.99 Used.Like new   Walmart Price:$15.96

A Time to Kill -$9.99 New.   Walmart Price: $13.98

Saved: $16.94 Spending $37.96 for movies is a lot easier than spending $54.90

Dolby True HD Audio & DTS-HD & DTS-HD Mstr

Lately quite a few movies on BR are PCM sound tracks this is pretty much a straight sound cut from the film with no compression.

I also learned that DTS-HD actually has a few differnt HD codecs. DTS-HD-Mstr,DTS-HD,DTS-HD-HI this doesn’t include the older DTS.

Apparently your reciever that supports DTS-HD may not support DTS-HD Master. Look closely when you buy you want to have support for DTS-HD Mstr it clearly sounds better than any Dolby Surround that i’ve heard even compared to the Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Mstr sounds better by a large margin atleast from what I can hear.  Don’t care if benchmarks show only a small margin of increased clarity because it sure sounds like a big difference to my ear. 

Even the older DTS sounds better than the older Dolby Digital have always heard that and will always stick to it until Dolby makes some changes. Thier bit-rate is far less than DTS.

DTS-HD High Resolution Audio

 7.1 channels of sound at a 96 kHz sampling frequency and 24-bit depth resolution

constant bit rates up to 6.0 Mbit/s and 3.0 Mbit/s

DTS-HD Master Audio

supports a virtually unlimited number of surround sound channels, can downmix to 5.1 and two-channel, and can deliver audio quality at bit rates extending from DTS Digital Surround up to lossless (24-bit, 192 kHz).

DTS-HD MA supports variable bit rates up to 24.5 Mbit/s on a Blu-ray Disc and up to 18.0 Mbit/s for HD DVD

Dolby Digital Plus

 It offers increased bitrates (up to 6.144 Mbit/s), support for more audio channels (up to 13.1), and improved coding techniques to reduce compression artifacts. It is not backward compatible with existing AC-3 hardware

Dolby TrueHD

TrueHD supports 24-bit, 96 kHz audio channels at up to 18 Mbit/s over 14 channels (HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc standards currently limit the maximum number of audio channels to eight.

In all areas of the new sourround standard DTS is just better.

Here’s the older Dolby .vs DTS specs.

Dolby Digital

 The most elaborate mode in common usage involves five channels for normal-range speakers (20 Hz – 20,000 Hz) (right front, center, left front, rear right, rear left) and one channel (20 Hz – 120 Hz allotted audio) for the subwoofer driven low-frequency effects. Mono and stereo modes are also supported. AC-3 supports audio sample-rates up to 48 kHz.

504 kbit/s HD-DVD & 640 kbit/s Blu-Ray


Supports up to 6.1 channels

1509.75 kbit/s) for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD Almost triple of what Dolby offers.

Should mention that on DVD the bitrates were dropped to lower rates due to capacity issues…Thank the Techie gods for Blu-ray & HD-DVD formats:)

Although DTS could stream a high Bitrate of 1509.75 on DVD storge the highest bitrate possible was (754.5 kbit/s) still higher than the Dolby contender and let me tell you even on DVD DTS sounds alot better.

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