RC helicopter change up

Started flying my 450 again. Every now and then I lose interest in flying it’s not that I lost interest in the hobby but sometimes I have to take a break.

Was watching a televison show and someone was flying a cheap 3ch RCheli and instantly brought back the urge to fly in me again.The helicopter sat on my desk for months so I charged up the batteries and went to fly only to find that the motor was not spinning up:( Turned out to be a bad hot wire on the motor Resoldered and repaired the issue. Although I had originally thought the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) was the failing part. So after spending an un-needed extra $20 thankfully I went cheap and didn’t buy the one that is on it now. Also had to downgrade the tail servo because the short in the motor ruined my very nice and very expensive tail servo. Lost some serious tail authority:(

Was suprised that I have already been into this hobby for over 3 years now. It truly has had a positive impact on my life. There are many great people that are into this hobby as well I have been apart of 2 forums through my learning process and after and the people that are apart of this are so helpful and friendly it’s a rare thing to find especially in a forum setting. Wish I could get others to find the same joy in flying that I have out of 6 of my friends that have tried to get into &  pick this hobby up only “1” has stuck it out and he as well loves this hobby as I do.

There are so many great offerings today for beginners that can have them up and flying and learning at the same time. Before the new  3-Axis Gyro with Auto Stabilizing Technology. It was very hard to even learn to hover no less do forward flight or nose facing you.

There are great Coaxial RC helicopters & even single rotor Fixed Pitch helicopters with Auto stabilization technology. Buy a nice USB controller kit for $19.99 from xheli.com & Clearview Flight simulator for $39.95 at http://rcflightsim.com/index.html for your PC and this will get you familiar with how the sticks work on a RC helicopter the simulator is not dead on like the real thing but will get you the feel and understanding how to control the helicopter. There are many RC Helicopters and plane models in Clearview and there are even more free model downloads on the internet.

The new Walkera 2.4GHZ  CB180Z shaft driven Heli w/Autostabilization.

Auto Stabilization is like having a co-pilot installed on your RC. Before there was autostabilization you would have had to crash and repair many times to even learn to hover. Not saying that you will be able to pick this heli up charge it and fly it far from it you will need to get sim practice in atleast 20 hours. Getting your 1st hover will be the hardest part of learning once you get that it’s all downhill from there and you will feel great that you did this.

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