OMFG The X-Files laser disc arrived!!!!

Ordered the X-Files Season 1 Volume 1 Laser disc back on the 22nd and it finally arrived today:)

This was only a Asian release LD a very collectable item. While the one I ordered case was a little rough the disc’s are mint! I scored it on a bid for $11 shipped this LD usually goes for around $100.. The booklet that’s included is in all Japanese so I am unable to read the cool stuff included this is what really makes LD’s stand out DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s packaging just is not as slick as the Laser Discs are. Also ordered Pulp Fiction LD and it never arrived contacted the seller on Amazon and he said he shipped out the Japanese release of Pulp Fiction which is another great collector Laser Disc.

Hoping it gets here unlike the 1st one I ordered. Really can not say how fun it’s been collecting these LD’s I have them on DVD and even re-purchased some of the DVD’s I already have on BR. But the covers on these 12″ gems are just amazing it really just makes the recent DVD & Blu-Ray packages seem very generic in comparison. They may take up room but I am going to continue collecting. Right now i’m in search for Don Bluth’s The Secret of Nihm when I was a child this movie was my favorite cartoon it holds very good memories for me. Hoping to get one so I can pass this great movie on to my children.

Laser Disc Wants:


The Secret of Nimh

X-Files Seaon 1 vol.2, Season 2 Vol.1&2,Season3 Vol.1&2

The Lion King

James Bond Octopussy,For your Eyes only,A View to a Kill

Star Trek: The motion Picture,Wrath of Kahn,Search for Spock

Indiana Jones: 1&2


StarWars Trilogy the Collectors Box Edition…. No interest in the latest 1-3 StarWars

That’s it for now these are the ones I will watch for at this point in my collection.

On the Blu-Ray side 🙂

Pulp Fiction a Walt Disney release so it should be a solid reproduction. Release date postponed:( at this time. The imported version is out but decided to wait for a proper US /NTSC copy.

Band Of Brothers/Pacific.  There is a version floating around that includes both series

Supernatural Seasons 1-3

Spartacus: Blood & Sand complete 1st Season

X-Files :Fight For the Future

Spiderman 1&2 release date Nov 16th  Spiderman 3 is already released but won’t bother until I have 1 first.

Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 Evil Dead 1 is out and from what the reviews are saying it is the best quality version that can be had although the bonus content is no different than the collectors content on DVD…so nothing new on the bonus content:( Can’t imagine how they could dig up more though the movie is as old and through all th years they had plenty of time to dig it all up probably when the Laser Disc version was released.


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