PC: Digital Downloads

I remember when Halflife 2 was released and Valve anounced that they would be distributing games through thier new Steam service.

Instantly thought yep this is going to be an epic fail and will never work. Figured many people would rather have a hard copy DVD/Blu-ray even felt this way myself. Now 30 purchases later not including my sons account I really think Steam is great I like that I don’t have to dig through my messy desk to find some game on DVD I feel like playing.  After trying a few different apps for digital purchase like EA’s manager & M$ Live Steam is way ahead of these. 

The digital purchases and downloads will be the PC’s last saving grace. With developers blaming PC for rampant pirating many many games have either been canceled or simply stopped and made for consoles only. Anyone with half a brain and can surf the web will quickly conclude that it’s not just PC’s but the consoles are being pirated at a rate much higher than PC’s. They are getting released almost a month early on Console example Halo:Reach…. While Windows has a security for early releases and PC games do get pirated but are not 1st they are 2nd thought just like they are 2nd thought for developers. Hopefully this will turn the tides back to PC again.

And is an awesome place to get quality games at a low price Just bought Broken Sword The sleeping dragon & Overlord for under $10 not to bad they are older games but are good ones.


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