LaserDisc or DiscoVision…It’s still Groovy

Decided to start hunting down the classic LaserDisc movies and ofcourse a Player to enjoy them here and there as well.:)
I found the 1994 Industrial model on Ebay the Pioneer CLD-V2400 this was used in educational facilities and hospitals and boardrooms around the US.
While there are better players that were manufactured in 2001 that supported optical out & DVD compatibility these are few and far between and can cost more than what one is worth atleast to me at this point..Maybe later I will change my mind on this.
These newer model (1990s)are not compatible with the classic Dragons Lair or Space Ace arcade Laser Discs that were used in the old Magnavox LD players.
And I beleive that the last Laserdisc player to be manufactured in the USA was in 2001.
I wanted to get some of the must have LD’s alot of the extras and commentary and even some movies will never be released on DVD or any other media because they were a exclusive deal with Pioneer indefinately.
Ebay is a great place to start looking if your interested I got my LD player working for $24 and have bought a few movies for under $1.
SO far ordered Bram Stokers Dracula,Pulp Fiction,Good Fellas,Scream uncut.
I also went hunting at the fleamarket which turned up with 0 and decided Goodwil and sure enough found Terminator 2 in Excellent condition the Jacket has no wear and the discs are in excellent shape. Was bought for $5
The picture quality is still great considering this technology was originally released in 1978 I was in pure amazement at the quality I did not expect it to be this good of quality since even the movie I got is 1year away from it’s 20th Birthday.
It’s not Blu-ray quality but it’s really close to DVD this is a huge deal especially since the VCR took out LaserDisc in the format battle.
If changing discs or flipping them isn’ta bother to you then I suggest giving LaserDisc a try because very soon there will no longer be collectors willing to let them go so easily.
Note: there are players that play both sides of the disc so not all players are the same.
For more info check out the Wiki page on LaserDisc and find out how it started and how it ended.
LaserDisc may no longer be produced but it is NOT dead:)
Compared to Blu-Ray ofcourse there is no comparison Blu-Ray has the best Picture and sound out today so it’s not really something to compare LaserDisc to.
Now comparing it to DVD I have to say it’s damn close and would really take some constant watching to see the slight differences.
Put it up against broadcast HD again Broadcast HD will over come LaserDisc.
LaserDisc compared to standard definition broadcast or even 480P broadcast LaserDisc is the better quality.
After collecting a few more movies and a few I have on BR,DVD and soon LD I will compare them side by side DVD and LD and will even make a conection to my TV so I can record and take screenshots so others can see if they notice DVD from LD.
I would of liked to post some screens of the movie but I just don’t think doing all that work is needed with only the Terminator 2 if I had another T2 DVD maybe then. Take my word for it it will not disappoint in it’s quality even if it is analog video.
I took some pictures of the Disc and player from my Android the pics aren’t the best but they work.
Update: Even if a LD Player does have a Optical output it will still require you to purchase a S/PDiF Demodulator.
What the demodulator does is converts the analoge stream into Digital so your reciever can use the sound source.
Some high end Recievers will have a  input for demodulating you will not miss this input will be labeled : AC3 RF input not to be confused with the standard optical input.
The Lexicon LDD-1 Demodulator was widely used. Still today these demodulators will cost you between $100-$250 used.


Also if you would be interested in using the LD Player as a arcade player for the Space Ace Don Bluth Games that were in the early to mid 1980’s the newer players from the late 80’s-2001 would require a  conversion kit which would allow these classic/collectible LaserDisc games to be played in a newer unit.Newer Unit meaning made in the 90’s:)

Check out these links:’s_Lair

Emulator Link:

If you look you can & will find Laserdisc games on the nets that will work using Mame or Daphne.



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