Playstation 3 Jailbreak

After 4 years the PS3 has finally been cracked.
The going price for the USB dongle is almost $200 completely out of thier minds I think they forget that the Playstation 3 is at the end of it’s 5 year life cycle.
Not to mention When and it will happen Sony makes a firmware to combat this so called golden $200 USB Thumb drive.
Anyhow since the PS3 has been hacked there will be a real solution "eventually" that will not cost you a penny…Be patient.
Here’s an article regarding the software answer.

With the steep price of PSJailbreak , and the possibility of the USB being useless/blocked after a firmware update, many are eagerly waiting for an alternative solution. While we wait for the devs to get in their units, has tweeted encouraging news on his Twitter a few hours ago:

The exact chip for the dongle has been identified, looks like dumping it will be easy.

We encourage all of you to wait before spending money on buying the USB dongle, it is only a matter of time before we get a free/alternative version.


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