Upcoming show this month:)
My favorite shows are about to start thier season premieres.
With True-Bloods last episode of the season on Sunday September 5th atleast shortly after some new seasons begin.
Supernatural Season 6 there is a conflict of this starting date it’s either the 10th or 24th of September?
This on Fridays the 10th & 24th both fall on a Friday so which one is it guess i’ll tune in on the 10th to be sure on the CW at 9PM eastern time.
Dexter Season 5 premiere is coming September 26th this show is on Showtime at 10PM Eastern time. After season 4s season finale pretty pumped to see what can happen next.
Californication this show kicks ass and is on Showtime as well season premiere is on Sundays this September no released date yet but will post as soon as I know.
Although not this month or even the next few keeping an eye out for Breaking Bad this show is amazing on AMC movie channel.
On the video game side I grabbed Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 console I think it’s great so far picked up the controller last night and took a break just now to post on me blog:) Also can play on the Playstation 3 entertainment system.

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