Learn something new everyday:)

After purchasing a new HDTV lots of people that have watched it always said that it looks really good but it just seems strange.
The notice was not on regular braodcasts at 720p or 1080i it was noticeable when watching Blu-ray movies when running at 1080p.
I use the Playstation3 which plays Blu-rays at 1080p/24.
Always took the stand that it’s the 1080p resolution which is a very small part of it the real thing is the 1080p/24.
Until recently most HDTV sets were 1080i or 720p/60.
After doing a little reading movies are made at 24 fps I always knew this but never took into consideration that TV’s of the past were 60hz.
In order to see the movie as the director intended you would need a monitor that  could do 48Hz, 72Hz, 96Hz,120hz,or 240hz.
The numbers 24 and 60 refer to frame rate. Moving video is composed of a certain number of frames transmitted every second that combine in the viewer’s mind to create the illusion of movement.
The standard refresh rate for HDTVs of all varieties is 60Hz, which is not a multiple of 24. There’s no benefit to sending these displays 1080p/24 instead of 1080p/60. 

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