Heavy Rain

Pre-Ordered the game Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3 this title was supposed to be a PS3/PC release but Sony bought in and now has full rights to the game and it was then canceled for PC this seems to be the trend for alot of games of late:(
Pretty sad Consoles are old tech and PC’s can do so much better..ohh well.
Anyhow back to the game if a story line game is your thing like Shenmue or Indigo Prohecy/Euro release name Fahrenheit  the better relese these are the same people that made Heavy Rain.
You take on the role of 4 different people that are unconnected a FBI agent a father and a PI along with a woman whom I do not know much about yet have only played her part 1x so far and and try and figure out who the serial killer is. 
It’s quite intersesting very cool game I loved Shenmue, Indigo and Dreamfall so this game is my type of game there’s a ton of FPS games RPG’s, MMORPG’s,Strategy games around they all feel like clones to me…Except for the release of the awesome RPG Dragon Age:Origins can’t diss that game.LOL
If you like a game that has a actual story line then this game will do it for ya.
The graphics are very slick noticed the engine can run hundreds of well detailed and animated characters on screen at 1 time.
The PS3 can only pull 720P on this game to bad it never made it to PC seeing it in full resolution and better frame rates would have been cool.
Here’s a few screen shots I pulled from the nets of the couple of people you play as all screens are in game.

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