My External CDRW 2 External IDE 80GB Harddrive for my Softmodded Wii:)

Had an old ass External CDRW drive it worked but let’s face it no one uses CDRW’s any more anyhow. Which left the external case which is much more useful.
And since I have been getting alot of PC jobs lately I have ended up with some internal harddrives some SATA and others ATA.
Unfortuately the External CDRW drive was IDE so I only had the option of using a 80GB IDE Harddrive…better than notta
So I went ahead and added the drive in the external case and used a front PC panel to cover the hole in front of the CDRW External case it worked fine for the purpose I am using it for. Was up until 5:Am playing with it was alot of fun:)
Went and installed athe USB drive channel to my Wii. And the proceeded to connect the external HDD to my PC so I could format it for the Nintendo format WBFS.
After installing WBFS format application on my computer I then formatted the drive and added some Wii ISO’s over to the drive what was nice when doing so it only takes the content needed and dunps all the dummy files so a 4 gig game dumped to the hard drive will only be like 2,3GB instead.
I then moved the drive over to the Wii and started her up to find that the games were there showed the names in text format and a blank box.
When clicking the blank box on the left of the selected game it gives and option to download the case box art original or custom made it then downloads the image of the selected game and can also download the disc image of the original disc as well no need to manually find all the box art and set it up yourself manually it is built in and downloafds directly from thier server for the games you install very nice touch.
I remember the old Xbox you had to manually add box art for every game you added to the hard drive very annioying and lets face it noone wnats to do all that so the end result is a sloppy look.
The Hard drive mod for the Wii is top notch and I highly recommend this modification!. Of course you can rip the games in the Wii DVD drive to the hard disc drive as well.
Here’s my 3 minute Video I made  lIke I said I am using a crappy camera it’s all I have but it looks fine enough to show how clean the interface is on the Wii HDD mod.
Here’s a quick video I made not a tutorial or anything just me  running through the games on the HDD

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