My many Heli’s :)

This is my very 1st helicopter it’s a Honeybee FP I did slightly mod it with a titanium boom because I broke the stock one within seconds of trying to fly it..yep I sucked
Here’s the same Honeybee fully modified even though I couldn’t barely hover the damn thing :LOL
Here it is again but this time with a kit frame I built for my Dragonfly Fixed Pitch
Here’s the stock dragonfly that eventually went onto that frame above.
By this time I could actually hover! so I thought wow i’m good went and bought a 6 channel Eagle Helicopter!
My confidence was soaring at this point I said why fly a 350 I can hover now lets buy a 450! and off I went and bought a Belt-CPv1
Well I didn’t know SHIT and this heli did this to me!:( Ouch it’s a nasty scar!
A little fear set in so I couldn’t give up yet so I went and bought this!
This wasn’t fast or fun enough so I decided to modify it to look like this..Faster motors brrruMM..BRRuuMMM!
Since I had been flying single rotor heli’s this came to bore me quite fast so I purchased this.
Now my skillz were growing I no longer just hovered I was cruzing and fast So I bought this! The Belt-cp V2 The green one:)
Anyhow since my skills have grown so much I realized that this helicopter was just not agile enough and decided to take a try at building a kit helicopter so I built this!
How I love this helicopter and has been changed quite a bit since i’ve owned it Yellow &white,Black & yellow and now White & Black then decided I needed a practice helicopter for stunt flying and I went ahead and built this one— Same as the one I built but this one is 80% plastic unlike the one above that is 80% C&C metal.
And now my next conquest can I fly a RC airplane?? Sure landing from a hover is easy but a moving landing guess i’ll have to see how this one goes wish me luck!
Gonna be sure to bring a camera for this one it should be funny i’ve been told RC helicopters are the hardest to learn out of all the RC hobbies but something about a moving landing doesn’t seem so easy!
Will be spending some time with my RC simulator and try to get landing decent maybe get a 50% successful land ratio by the time the real one arrives:)
And let’s not forget my latest Helicopter which I recieved as a gift for helping a friend with his helicopter issues.
It was Green and white of course I changed it up a bit to my liking:)
It’s to cool for school now!
And it’s a Fixed Pitch 300 size which means I can now do some light flying indoors!:)

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