The RC collection 2010

Here’s my Rc collection from Air to Sea & Land:)
I must confess that I use the air and Land and Sea is for my children to enjoy the hobby as much as I do:)
Soon to be added will be my Trainer RC Airplane hopefully will b apart of the family next week:( Will be the Exceed Piper Cub J3!..Picture posted under this blog.
From left to right
Align/EXI Hybrid Trex Full C&C Metal Carbon Fiber 450 size Stunt RC helicopter "MY BABY!", Nyco Toyota Starter RC truck for my son, Exceed Dynamite Entry level dirt racing Truck ,Dual motor Fesh or Saltwater Boat 35mph max speed, White EXI Collective pitch mostly plastic 450 size RC helicopter for practicing stunt manuevers , LAst but not least a Gift from a friend Chris S. The Exceed Falcon 40 Fixed Pitch Rc helicopter 300 size perfect trainer/practice indoor helicopter for those rainy days:) It truly is a god send for practicing a Simulator is nice but nothing beats the real deal for true experience.

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