Gonna try my hand at flying an RC plane

My buddy Gus has show interest in Rc planes and after showing him the starter/training Piper Cub Electric Rc Airplane he decided to go ahead and give it a try:)
And since i’ve only flown Rc hleicopters and Rc Cars/Trucks figured we could order our bad boys at the same time and practice and crash together.
…Introducing my first Airplane and I am very excited about this it was very cheap and yes it really flies it got rave reviews for a trainer/practice plane.
And was only $69.99.
It’s a 3 channel Excced J3 Cub I can’t knock the Exceed brand why you ask? I’ve owned the Exceed Falcon 40 v1 & v2 both were fantastic Trainer/practice rc helicopters.
  • Battery Opearted 380 Motor Plane
  • Ready to Fly, assembly can be done in 10 mins
  • Digital Proportional Speed Controller
  • Slow Speed Flying Capable, Goof for Beginner
  • Shock Resistant Reinforced Foam uselage and Strong Wings
  • 2 X 18g micro servo for Rudder and Elevator Control
  • R/C Set included, Complete 3 Channel Control including

    • Complete Left/Right Control by Rudder
    • Complete Elevator Control
    • Digital PROPORTIONAL Motor Speed Control Knob
    • Superb Quality–Simply The Best RTF Plane you can find
    • Up to 300Maltitude, over 15 mins flight time
    • Powered by 8.4V NIMH re-chargable battery (110v adaptor included)
    • Can Fly as a Glider (without Motor Power)
    • Brand NEW, In original Package, Impoted DIRECT from manufacturer
    • All tools required are included for you
    • Assembly take less than 20mins
    • Best Looking Plane on the market
    • Just awesome for a started plane I habe been using 6 channel RC helicopters they say heli’s are the hardest to learn but for some reason a hovering landing seems alot easier than a moving landing maybe i’m wrong?

      This plane can be run way launched or hand started.

      Package includes
      1. SD J3 Full scale Fuselage and Wings
      2. SD 27Mhz Transmitter (3 Channel) w/ Electronic Speed Controller
      3. SD 4Channel 27Mhz receiver
      4. 1 Pair of interchangable Crystals
      5. 8.4 V
      6. NiMH Battery

      7. 110V Charger
      8. English Manual
      9. Tools for assembly

            RC J3 Piper Cub

      3 Channel Radio Controller features:

      • Left/Right Control
      • Elevator Control
      • Digital Progressive Motor Speed Control Knob

      Newest design Full 3 Channel capability with a variable speed throttle control. I know why not 4 channel well because we are green. 




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