Reading warranty

Was reading my TV’s warranty Manufacturer & Extended noticed that they print quite hidden that any damage to the LCD screen will not be covered at all.
So if you go on out and spend $3,000 on that nice new HDTV and you have company over or have kids and the screen gets scratched or something hits the screen and cracks it your out of your TV and all that $$ you just spent.
The cost of a new LCD screen is so much that just buying a new TV would be cheaper especially if your using 40" and up size screens.
Have seen reports of those super bounce balls hitting the screen and blowing them out imagine what a Wii remote would do!??!!!
After browsing around and trying to find a screen saver of some sort I found a site called
Yep went ahead and read reviews and looked at other options this one seems to be a little more expensive but also seems to be the better option.
Ordered one up last week should be here this week the 9th to be exact and hopefully it’s as good as reviews claim.
Supposed to be crystal-clear, optical grade, acrylic shield that can take a hit from Wii remotes and keep the screen safe and claims that it’s not very easy to scratch.
Since I have 2 younger children and a Wii that a good TV screen protector was in need right away if I planned on keeping the Tv around longer than a week.
Once I try the Armor out i’ll post my own personal thoughts on it.
Of course i’m not gonna throw things at it to test but am more concerned about image quality loss and brightness.

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